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Joseph Smith Should be Held to a Higher Standard than Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David

We rightly expect more integrity and imitable behavior of church pastors and deacons today than was expected of prophets 3500 years ago. We rightly expect better theology of our teachers today than we do the Early Church Fathers. That said, … Continue reading

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In 1912 some Mormon leaders doubted both the content and reliability of The King Follett Sermon

In 1912 some Mormon leaders doubted both the content and reliability of The King Follett Sermon. Mormon apostle George Albert Smith wrote: “Sometime ago I received an invitation, mailed from the Liahona office, to contribute to a fund for the … Continue reading

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Celebrate Christmas by Rejecting Mormon Leaders Who Have Rejected the Virgin Birth

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The Lorenzo Snow couplet’s subordination & dependence dilemma for Mormons

Given both halves of the Lorenzo Snow couplet: “As man now is, God once was. As God now is, man may be.” (a) If we will forever be dependent on and subordinate to our God, then it stands to reason … Continue reading

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James Talmage: Almost Charged With Apostasy for Writing That The Holy Ghost was a Person

Excerpted from James P. Harris’ foreword to The Articles of Faith (First Edition): Another theme that occupied Talmage’s attention was related to the Holy Ghost. Talmage wrote: Met with Theological Class Committee and [First] Presidency in lecture work. The subject … Continue reading

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Why I Wish Mormonism Would Excommunicate or Disfellowship All of Its Unfaithful or Unbelieving Members

When Mormonism excommunicates or disfellowships people who aren’t faithful to Mormonism or believing in Mormonism, it helps both Mormons and evangelicals. It adds clarity to identity and worldview. It contributes to religious integrity. It speeds up the process of people … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Mark

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“It is the voice of a god, not of a man”

How early Mormon leader Joseph Fielding and other Mormons responded to the King Follett discourse (April 7, 1844): “I never felt more delighted with his discourse than at this time. They said at his oration, it is the voice of … Continue reading

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Mormonism and the “Great Machine”

Mormonism’s “eternal law” is the creed of multiverse. Transcending all gods. Governed by no ultimate Persons. Impersonal. Cold. “Without body, parts, passions.” Incromprehensible. “Unknown and unknowable—formless, passionless, elusive, ethereal, simultaneously everywhere and nowhere.” All the gods must submit to it, abide … Continue reading

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Helpful, but not true?

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