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Petty Doctrinal Differences

Mitt Romney’s second campaign for President is, predictably, generating a lot of talk about Mormonism. And, again predictably, Mormons are stepping up their online efforts to set the record straight. Latter-day Saint Dinah Chance from Freeport, Florida wrote a letter … Continue reading

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“I was answered that I must join none of them, for they were all substantially correct.”

LDS scholar Daniel Peterson wrote an article for Mormon Times, published in its Defending the Faith section, titled, “God’s sheep recognize his voice.” The main point Dr. Peterson seems to be making in this article is that Mormons (Mormonism) do … Continue reading

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A Bad Religious Theory

Over at “Darwin’s God” is a link to a “survey of failed evolutionary predictions” – the website DarwinsPredictions.com. The featured article is a lengthy explanation of some predictions inherent in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, and how they have failed. The … Continue reading

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Joseph Smith did more than any man who has ever lived…

I understand that Mormons respect and revere Joseph Smith. I get that. I really do. Yet sometimes the way he’s talked about, even in an official sense, seems a bit over the top. In the February 2009 Ensign magazine former … Continue reading

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Joseph Smith’s 1832 Handwritten History

One hundred and seventy-six years ago yesterday (that is, on July 20, 1832) Joseph Smith began writing a history of his life. This was his first attempt at recording his history. He worked on it for several months while living … Continue reading

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