Temple Tours and Al Takiyah

My schedule didn’t permit me to attend the recent 2006 Sunstone Symposium in Salt Lake City, but I was able to get the CD of one particular presentation that caught my attention. It had to do with truth-telling and Mormonism. The two presenters (Scot Denhalter and Ryan Wimmer) addressed the very real issue of how the Mormon Church has a history of evading the truth, not only to outsiders, but in some cases, even to their own people. Wimmer gave examples of how the LDS Church utilizes a type of Al-Takiyah, a practice among Muslims that involves lying in the name of Allah. Some Muslims feel it is permissible to deceive the Kafir (unbelievers) in order to protect themselves or Islam.

I personally experienced this LDS-Takiyah when in Sacramento recently. The LDS Church assured the local media that the Sacramento temple open house was meant to dispel all of “the myths” associated with these buildings and that church representatives were “prepared to answer any questions” the public had. The LDS public relations department said they were going to be as transparent as possible about their practices. Apparently the key words (pun intended) were “as possible.” The fact is, the media was not told the truth. The LDS Church never had any intention of showing all of the rooms. I have personally toured 16 different LDS temples and one room that is never part of the open house tour is the initiatory room where Mormon patrons are ceremoniously “washed and anointed.” Our tour group was told we could ask any questions. Yet, when I politely asked a few questions of our tour guide she complained to security that she felt “threatened.” Threatened? I merely asked why she was not forthright on our tour when I had earlier inquired about the Initiatory Room and the curtain in the Instruction Room. I went out of my way not to embarrass her publicly and stated my questions as politely and discreetly as I could. She admitted to me that she could only say what the Church told her to say. Twice she offered to get someone else to answer my questions. The second time I said that was not necessary and the conversation was over.

Oftentimes inquiries are side-stepped with the usual excuse that such topics are sacred to Mormons, but not secret. My suggestion to the LDS Church is, if they are going to take that approach then quit telling the media you are going to answer any and all questions. Instead of dispelling the myths the Mormon Church actually lends credence to the suspicion that it is not a trustworthy organization.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you need something better to do with your time. I think it’s interesting that there are websites set up with the sole purpose to try and discredit the LDS church and so called “christian” bookstores that have rows and rows of how the Mormon church is not true. Do you ever go to an LDS store and see books bashing on other faiths? No you don’t. You must somewhat believe what is taught in the Mormon church simply because you have spent so much time researching it. What do you honestly care what other people believe? I think it is sad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the central problem with your statement is that nobody is claiming to be LDS. If there were 10 million people claiming to be LDS that did not actually hold to traditional LDS beliefs, I’m sure there would be books to refute their claims and expose their doctrine as lacking accordance with LDS doctrine. Latter Day Saints often claim that they are Christians, just like millions of other people. Yet, a simple examination of the LDS faith reveals that the fundamental beliefs of Christianity are tremendously different and incompatible with the fundamental beliefs of Mormonism. Christians therefore have the right and biblical responsibility to point out how Mormonism differs from their faith. Mormons, when they claim to be Christians, are misrepresenting a group of people by adding on their own beliefs and claiming that those beliefs fall within traditional Christianity. Furthermore, the Bible makes it very clear that we are meant to defend the faith (Jude 3). We are to be wary of false gospels (Galatians). And finally, I think the author is attempting to educate people about Mormonism out of concern for their souls. The Bible makes it clear that the only way to heaven is by believing in the true gospel, and Mormonism simply does not represent that gospel. The author is protecting others from getting deceived into thinking that Mormonism does teach that gospel. He is also alerting Mormons to potential and real issues with their own faith. I think the overall message is simply to seek truth through the Bible. Writing a blog about deception by the Mormon church certainly does not fall into all the above categories, but it is part of an effort to show people that Mormonism is not just another Christian denomination, but it is a church with issues and individuals should be cautious.
    Conor Anderson

  3. rick b says:

    Anonymous said…
    Do you ever go to an LDS store and see books bashing on other faiths? No you don’t.

    I would like to point out 4 things here.

    1. The LDS church might not write books saying other churchs are wrong, but they still teach other churchs are wrong, Read the BoM where it teaches their are only two churchs, The Church of the Devil and the Church of the lamb.

    Also simply by default, if we believe your church to be correct, then we must conclude we are wrong.

    2. I do not see you pointing out how the topic of Mormon deception is in correct. Are we to then conclude it is correct be cause your are not answering the question at hand.

    I did a topic also on my blog about mormons using deception, please check it out.

    3. The bible shows Jesus and the Disaples openly rebuking false teachers and false teachings, So the author is not doing anything wrong here.

    4.J.F.S. Taught in the Book Doctrines of salvation, If JS is a false prophet he must be expoused as such, Here we do what your prophet teaches and you get upset. Rick b,
    Mormonism reviewed.

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