A Time of Loss

Last night, Jerald Tanner, co-founder of Utah Lighthouse Ministry, passed away quietly after an eight year struggle with Alzheimer’s. I first had the privilege of meeting the Tanners back in 1977 when my wife and I took our first vacation to Salt Lake City. At that time Utah Lighthouse Ministry was known as Modern Microfilm and their bookstore was in their home.

In my opinion there was probably no better researcher when it came to the history and doctrines of the LDS Church than Jerald and I would venture to say that even many LDS apologists would have to admit candidly that he was a formidable opponent when it came to the subject of Mormonism. I think it is also safe to say that anybody who has had an interest in sharing their faith with Mormon friends and relatives have benefited in some way from the Tanner’s research.

Having personally watched his health decline over the past few years I view his passing with mixed emotions. Selfishly I will miss his meticulous, and cutting-edge research that has helped me personally assist many Latter-day Saints who were/are questioning their faith. However, knowing that Jerald has received the ultimate healing and now rests in the presence of the God and Savior he loved so well, brings comfort at this time of loss.

We hope that you will join us as we continue to pray for Sandra and the rest of the Tanner family during this time. He will certainly be missed by many.

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8 Responses to A Time of Loss

  1. rick b says:

    I have been blessed by his work, I never meet him, but he is a brother in the Lord. He will be missed, but as Bill said, I am sure he is rather happy staying at home with the Lord. Rick b

  2. Keith Walker says:

    May Jerald rest in the joy of the Lord.

  3. johnny says:

    Thanks alot Jerald.

  4. Aaron Shafovaloff says:

    Many of us are branches off the trunk of the Tanner’s work in the tree of countercult ministry. Thank you, Lord, for Jerald.

  5. Eric Johnson says:

    Jerald was “da man” in the early days of apologetic ministry to Mormons when such a ministry was practically unheard of. Many, many people who either never joined the church or who saw the light and came into a relationship with Jesus have Jerald (and Sandra) to thank for the painstaking work they did in those very early days. I can imagine the angels giving a standing ovation when Jerald passed through the gate. Rest in peace, my friend.

  6. Russ Bales says:

    I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Jerald Tanner. But I feel like I know him through his work.

    To be absent from the body is to present with the Lord.

    Bless you, Jerald.

  7. Cephas says:

    Our loss is Heavens gain…You will be missed here sir but we rejoice in knowing our Lord is saying “Well done thy good and faithful servant”!

  8. Sylvia Z says:

    My heart was moved when I read of Jerald’s death. I probably spent about 2 years reading much of the Tanners material. It has been an awesome education, a collage education in Mormonism. His work and Sandra’s will live on to open the eyes and hearts of many to Truth. They were certainly obedient to the call of God. Thank you Lord for such precious servants to bring us Truth.

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