The Measure of a Ministry to Mormons

The Measure of a Ministry to Mormons

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  1. mrgermit says:

    AARON: this post was very helpful and specifically, ENCOURAGING. The tendency to get lost in numbers is indeed strong. Thanks for the link.
    I had a chance to talk to my son in law on Christmas morning, his daughter has been going to an LDS church for a few months. We talked about that for the better part of an hour and he was able to hear some things that were ‘news’ to him. I thank God for this ministry and others like it. I hope and pray he acts on what he heard, and I think he will .
    Blessings to all who trust in the good news of men made new in Christ’s blood.


    PS: a specific prayer intention would be that Gabrielle and family find a church home that is doctrinely correct and an example of Christlike life and mission.

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