Debate Tonight at the University of Utah: Are Mormons Christians?

Christ Presbyterian Church invites you to join us for a debate on whether Mormons are Christians. Our participants will be Jason Wallace and Martin Tanner. Mr. Wallace is pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City. He is the host of The Ancient Paths on KTMW TV-20. Dr. Tanner is an LDS attorney who hosts KSL Radio’s Religion Today. He has contributed to the FARMS Review of Books and The Encyclopedia of Mormonism.

Where: University of Utah, Behavioral Sciences Auditorium 392 South 1530 East, Salt Lake City

When: Tonight! Friday, April 5, 2013, 7:00 p.m.

Admission: Free

For more information, call (801) 969-7948 or check out

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7 Responses to Debate Tonight at the University of Utah: Are Mormons Christians?

  1. Ralph says:

    If theres a transcript or something like that arising from the debate with the arguments and counter-arguments, I’d be interested in reading/listening to it. I just dont think I can make it at the moment, too busy 🙂

  2. Rick B says:

    I agree, I like to read/listen to something if there is one to read or listen to. Thanks.

  3. Tom says:

    Here is a youtube link where the the two are talking about Mormonism and Christianity.

  4. Brewed says:

    Thanks Tom.
    That was an interesting and frustrating discussion. I am glad you shared it.
    I don’t understand how the LDS can make the Gospel so……. complicated.

  5. Kate says:

    Wow. I don’t how anyone is supposed to know exactly what is to be believed in Mormonism. I’m so tired of hearing “that’s not official.” Well what is official? No wonder Mormons nowadays just pick and choose what they want to believe. Mormonism has turned into a free for all and doesn’t even remotely resemble the Mormonism I grew up in.

  6. Mike R says:

    Kate, the Mormonism that you grew up with has shifted because of the efforts of Mormon
    leaders to aggressively promote themselves as being another Christian church several decades
    ago , much more than in previous years . I think about the 1980′ s that certain things were
    changed in Temple square to drop some “Mormon” things and replace them with more
    of Jesus pictures , literature, and the like. I had a list at one time that detailed these changes.
    As Mormonism has tried to woo the public into embracing it , it has become necessary to try
    and downplay or deny certain doctrines from past leaders . No doubt this behavior has troubled
    members , others simply are so busy with church obligations and their families that they don’t
    take time to ponder what’s been happening and why . I would imagine that there are volumes
    of older LDS who sense that something is’nt quite right , but the fear of incurring God’s
    judgement upon them for critizing their leadership together with the thought of losing family
    and friends , causes these dear LDS to keep quiet and keep in step . Sad .
    Thank God that you are free from a false prophet led organization and also free in Jesus as well .

  7. jaxi says:

    I watched this last night. It was only slightly frustrating to watch for me. I think anyone watching this from a perspective outside of Mormonism notices the theme on the Mormon side of the debate. It seems his overall point was something to the effect of, “You have your interpretation, I have mine, we both believe in a Christ, lets be tolerating and call each other Christians.” To me this was a funny angle coming from the LDS side, all toleration and no focus on truth. How about this to LDS who want to be Christian? Gay people have their interpretation of marriage, you have yours, can’t you both be married?

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