The Gospel of Mark

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  1. falcon says:

    Doesn’t this guy know that after the death of the apostles the gospel left the earth? The introduction says that the Gospel of Mark is estimated as having been written in 55AD not long after the death of Jesus.
    Oh, I keep forgetting that it was also a conspiracy by those medieval Catholic monks that removed all of the Mormonism from the Bible.
    Thus, ladies and gentleman, these two things, the great apostasy and the Biblical conspiracy, made it necessary for the real gospel to be restored. So what is the fundamental principle of this restored gospel? Well, that men, if they follow the prescribed system held by the “one true church” can become gods. Not only this, but their wives, the number of which cannot be limited, will rule with them as goddesses. Actually the more the better for the procreation task.
    This man-god and his goddess wives will then have their own planetary system to rule and will procreate spirit children into eternity. These gods will continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom evolving into even more powerful gods.
    It’s unfortunate that this man’s recitation is false according to the LDS revelation and their practices within this god making system. He obviously does not know about the apostasy and conspiracy.

  2. Mike R says:

    If only the Mormon people could take some quality time and get alone with the New Testament
    and read , and re-read about Jesus and what the men who were picked by Him taught about
    Him and how to be saved . It’s there in the New Testament and those truths have survived
    through the last 2000 years . It’s spiritually nourishing to read the New Testament — it’s
    daily food that satisfies .

    But that fact can’t be tolerated by many of the false prophets today because they need a
    tactic that has a good chance at convincing unsuspecting people to accept their new doctrines .
    The leaders of Mormonism have resorted to the tactic of claiming that a complete apostasy
    occurred shortly after the death of Jesus’ apostles , the result of some men altering the true
    salvation message by mixing in their ideas onto , the resulting amalgamation thus became a
    imitation gospel unable to save . No : true gospel / men to lead / no church : Christianity
    died off and salvation was not available to mankind for 1700 years until 1830 when it was
    restored by a Mormon prophet . That is Mormonism’s bread and butter claim , and
    unfortunately it has fooled many unsuspecting sincere people into accepting it .

    May the Mormon people return to the foundation of the christian faith , the Bible , and look
    into it without any Mormon notes or other publications . The benefit of this are many .
    By returning to the sure foundation , aberrant teachings can be weeded out of one’s life
    and that is spiritually and emotionally beneficial to anyone in these days , especially those
    who find themselves in a religious organization run by a latter days prophet , since Jesus
    reminded all who desire to serve Him to be especially aware of prophets during the latter
    days . Matt 24 .

  3. falcon says:

    So Joseph Smith ran around telling people that when he was a kid he went out into the woods and God told him not to join any church/denomination because their creeds were abominable. Very strange in deed since Joseph Smith said both God the Father and Jesus appeared to him. Quite a trick I’d say since the Bible tells us that the Father is a spirit. Pay no attention that Joseph Smith changed his story at least eight times and as he went along this path of destruction and he also changed his mind about who God is.
    I think I’d advise a Mormon to do the same thing that Mike advised above. Read the Bible suspending the notion that the (Bible) is corrupted. Consider that it’s just possible that God preserved His Word in tact.
    Spare the 17 minutes and see what happened when this young man took up the challenge of actually reading the Bible.

  4. falcon says:

    The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God……………………

    It would appear that what follows these words is the gospel of Jesus Christ identified as the Son of God. So all a person would have to do is read this and they would know who Jesus is and how to obtain eternal life.
    What follows isn’t about the “one true church” through which an individual would obtain eternal life. The gospel tells us that having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the key, period! There’s not an organization that has a system that leads to eternal life. It’s all about Jesus and nothing can be added to what He did for those who are willing to put their faith and trust in Him.

    Mormons have all sorts of additions, clauses and sub-clauses in their program. They even have a different god and a different Jesus.
    Jesus is Living Water. He is the Bread of Life. Drink of Him and you will never thirst. Eat of Him and you will never be hungry. He is spiritual sustenance.

  5. Mike R says:

    It’s not uncommon for those who have come on the scene in our time claiming to be prophets /
    messengers from God , that He or Jesus , or some angel mentioned in the Bible appeared to them
    and commissioned them to tell the world that the truths that Jesus gave His apostles to teach
    mankind were lost , or corrupted to the extent that a true knowledge of God, Jesus , or how
    man can receive a right relationship with God resulting in salvation was not available . This
    problem was now remedied because the prophet had arrived to teach/ restore the truth etc .
    Mormon prophets are one example of such latter days prophets .
    This type of claim can sound appealing to unsuspecting persons who want to serve Jesus , and
    many are soon misled into following these prophets .

    One way that some of these prophets get people’s attention is to advertise that the Bible
    confirms their teachings . This reassures those who believe the Bible that perhaps the prophet
    has actually been commissioned by Jesus , that the prophet and his associates under him
    are truly the modern day counterparts of those Jesus had sent out to give to people the truth
    about salvation we read about in the New Testament .
    Mormon leaders have used a scenario like this one to convince people to join their church .
    One Mormon leader explains :
    ” Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints …. believe the Bible . Indeed so
    literally and completely do their beliefs and practices conform to the teachings of the Bible
    that it is not uncommon to hear informed persons say : ‘ If all men believed the Bible , all
    would be Mormons ‘ . Bible doctrine is Mormon doctrine and Mormon doctrine is Bible
    doctrine . They are one and the same . ”
    [ Bruce McConkie , ” What the Mormons Think of Christ ” p. 2 , quoted in ” Mormon Claims Answered” by Marvin Cowan , p 23 ]

    Statements like that can tend to fool people into thinking that Mormonism is Jesus’ true
    church Body , whose leaders have been appointed by Him in these latter days to be the
    New Testaments apostles’ modern day counterparts . However , this is only a good example
    of clever advertising . The use of half truths are especially effective to lure people .

    The Mormon people , with good intentions , have been detoured by men who have attempted
    to mimic the claims of Jesus’ true messengers , the preachers He sent out to teach mankind
    of the true salvation message — Rom 1:16 — the fundamental doctrines they taught are what
    people need to know and which can serve as a measuring rod to evaluate the teachings of
    anyone today who come and claims to be also appointed by Jesus to be His prophet or
    messenger .

  6. falcon says:

    The Gospel of Mark reveals to us clearly who Jesus is and what He did for us on the cross. His atoning sacrifice made it possible for those who are willing to put their faith and trust in Him, to obtain eternal life. The Gift of Eternal Life is not accessed through a church. There is no “one true church” that holds the keys to the pathway to the Father. The Father is accessed through Jesus Christ.
    Mormons put their faith and trust in Joseph Smith, the LDS church, the BoM and the current prophet. More specifically it is the LDS church system that a Mormon believes will bring them their crown of glory which is to become a god themselves.
    A Mormon who will give themselves to an honest study of the Book of Mark will soon find that there’s no Mormonism there. What is there is the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. It is He alone who can bring us into ever-lasting communion with the Father. All believers in the Biblical Jesus are born again by the Spirit of God and become a temple in which God dwells. Guided by the Spirit we are brought into all truth.
    It’s not even a matter of proving that Joseph Smith was a false prophet, that the BoM is false scripture, that the LDS church is not the one true church or that the current LDS prophet is really a prophet of God.
    What it is, is coming to know Jesus as He is revealed in God’s Word. All the Mormonism fades away in God’s unquenchable light.

  7. falcon says:

    Often times when the Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented to Mormons they reply that it’s just “too easy”. I always respond by saying that, “God didn’t intend it to be difficult.” It’s a totally different mind-set for Mormons because they are use to the scenario that they have to “earn” their place in the factitious Celestial Kingdom.
    The entire program where by a Mormon male becomes a god is based on obedience to the LDS church, doing all that this organization requires. Mormons are taught that God does not control the universe but a set of universal laws or principles shape and control their eternal destiny. It’s by these principles that millions if not billions of former human males become gods.
    Can any of this be found in the Bible or more specifically to our purpose here, can it be found in the Gospel according to Mark? No it cannot! That’s why the Bible and Mormonism can’t coexist with one another.
    That’s also why we get the Mormon throw away line concerning the truthfulness of the Bible, “as far as it’s translated correctly”. That line, along with other Mormon favorites, is repeated with confidence but with no understanding of what is being said or the implications of such a belief.
    If the Bible is not an accurate representation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, why mess with it? Mormons can’t tell us, for example, which parts of God’s Word have been translated correctly or incorrectly.
    As always, I would suggest that a Mormon read God’s Word without the Mormon over-lay in order to discover the message God is conveying to those who would seek after Him.

  8. falcon says:

    The purpose of the Gospel of Mark is to show that the Lord Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God who was sent to suffer and to serve in order to rescue and restore mankind.

    No men becoming gods. No millions perhaps billions of gods. No principles ruling the universe that the gods are subject to. No father/mother gods procreating spirit children and ruling their own planetary systems. There are no temples where rituals of the Free Masons are performed. No special costumes to wear or magical underwear.

    Mankind is separated from the One and only Holy God because of sin. God in His infinite mercy makes a sacrifice for sin. The gift of eternal life is received by faith.

  9. Mike R says:

    Many Mormons have come to see that there is something just not right about their church
    system , they have come to see that their leaders , though well meaning , are not exactly who
    they have claimed to be , and as a result these Mormons are searching for the answer to why
    this is . May I suggest something for them to consider : Go back to the Bible , it’s been called
    ” the foundation of the Christian faith ” , Christians embrace it as the written standard to learn
    about God , how to know Him , be forgiven by Him , receive salvation , and also live a life
    that is pleasing to Him . The New Testament is especially important as we can learn about Jesus.

    It’s easy under certain circumstances to slowly get detoured from the truths in the Bible by
    following men who claim to have authority , and who have been accepted because of a feeling
    they have claimed people can experience which will confirm their authority and if these people
    wish to gain God’s favor they will then follow these men . Slowly the Bible is relagated to some
    “old truth ” taught by ” dead prophets ” and these men emphasize their authority at every
    turn to keep their followers attention on them and very busy , this makes it more difficult to make time to examine these teachings . This all results in a slow drift away from the simplicity
    of what Jesus’ apostles taught about Him or how to receive eternal life . This is one example
    of the scenario that the Mormon people find themselves in , thankfully more and more have
    recognized what their church has morphed into , and are realizing that something is’nt right .

    By making time to go to the New Testament and begin a study of Jesus and His Body of
    believers , how they recognized who He is and how a relationship with Him became their
    prized possession . It’s there in the New Testament , and it still is very real for anyone
    today also to personally experience the same thing those early followers of Jesus learned
    about Him and the right relationship with Him they gained .
    It’s not about a powerful religious organization . It’s all about Jesus . Heb 7: 25 .

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