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The White Horse Prophecy Rides Again

“Romney candidacy has resurrected last days prophecy of Mormon saving the Constitution,” reads a headline today in The Salt Lake Tribune. The article, written by journalist Thomas Burr, discusses the so-called White Horse Prophecy which was purportedly received by Joseph … Continue reading

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Really — What is Mormonism? Most Evangelicals Would Be Surprised.

On May 31st Christianity Today online posted an article which addresses the issue of Mitt Romney and Mormonism, asking, “Can conservative Protestants vote for a member of what they consider a cult?” The article is co-written by Mormon professor Robert … Continue reading

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So is Frank Pignanelli admitting Mormons are bigots?

I apologize. I really was hoping to move on from this soapbox, but I could not pass up commenting on a recent article that appeared in the Deseret News titled “Romney campaign has LDS in spotlight.” Here, Frank Pignanelli starts … Continue reading

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The Awful Works of Abraham

A decade after plural marriage was announced publicly in a special session of conference, Brigham Young declared, “Why do we believe in and practise polygamy? Because the Lord introduced it to his servants in a revelation given to Joseph Smith, … Continue reading

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Shame on Sharpton, Shame on Romney

There are times when listening to people in the public arena that I feel like I’m back on the playground at Bostonia elementary school in the 1960s. Case in point: the “Reverend” Al Sharpton decides to take a swipe at … Continue reading

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Mormon Behavior, Mormon Speak

Today’s (9 April) New York Times carries an op-ed piece by Kenneth Woodward about Mitt Romney and Mormonism. A large portion of the article is dedicated to understanding why Americans are uncomfortable with Mr. Romney’s religion. Mr. Woodward writes: Among … Continue reading

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Mormon Polygamy: Comedy or Tragedy?

All over the news this weekend, all across the globe, was an Associated Press article about the polygamy of Mitt Romney’s ancestors. Journalists Jennifer Dobner and Glen Johnson have written an article that not only details the multiple marriages of … Continue reading

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Cursed, But Not Ignorant

Yesterday, former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, along with his wife Janet Langhart Cohen, appeared on the Today Show to talk about their new book, “Love in Black and White.” Being a mixed race couple, the Cohen’s book discusses their … Continue reading

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The "Anti-Mormon" Tactic

Over the weekend the Salt Lake Tribune posted an opinion piece titled “Romney candidacy will stir up anti-Mormon feeling”. The author, Tom Williams, begins, Am I the only practicing Mormon who’s not excited about Mitt Romney’s run for president? It’s … Continue reading

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People Can Learn About the LDS Endowment Ceremony

by Sharon On Tuesday USA Todayposted an article by journalist Jill Lawrence: “Will Mormon faith hurt bid for White House?” There are some unexpected revelations in the article related to the doctrines and history of the LDS Church. They are … Continue reading

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