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What Do Mormon Missionaries Teach?

In the FAQ section at is found the question, “What will the [LDS] missionaries talk about when they visit my home?” The answer, as provided by the Mormon Church: “Missionaries share a message about Jesus Christ and His Atonement … Continue reading

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Troubled by Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

In this video, a returned Mormon missionary explains how personal revelation helped him on his mission. It seems an investigator was struggling with accepting the LDS Church due to troubling historical information she had learned about Joseph Smith and polygamy. … Continue reading

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“Absolutes” About the Mormon Gospel

In 1999 James E. Faust, member of the Mormon Church’s First Presidency, counseled new mission presidents at the annual Mission Presidents Seminar in June of that year. According to LDS Church News, “The word gospel means ‘good news’ and missionaries … Continue reading

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Can the missionaries really help you?

In the last General Conference, Apostle Russell M. Nelson gave a talk titled “Ask the Missionaries! They Can Help You!” (Apparently there were lots of exclamation points in this talk!!!) Earlier on the first day of the conference, President Thomas … Continue reading

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Missionaries, missionaries…all over the world

Note: The following satire is based on the announcement made in the fall General Conference that the missionary age was moved down to 18 for males and 19 for females. The conversation among the Mormon Church’s General Authorities that you … Continue reading

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A Bad Example

Let’s wind up the year with a light-hearted look at how not to respond to Mormon missionaries on your doorstep. While some may say the star of this video appears spiritually discerning, he certainly did not follow Peter’s instructions given … Continue reading

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The Central Message of Mormonism

Last Friday (April 29, 2011) LDS Deseret News published an article providing tips for successful member-missionary work (as distinct from the formal Mormon missionary program). Because a recent poll showed that 77 percent of Americans aren’t sure if Mormons are … Continue reading

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LDS Missionaries Teaching English in Korea

GlobalPost recently reported (1 June 2010) on LDS missionary efforts in South Korea. It seems LDS missionaries display placards and pass out fliers offering free English lessons to anyone who wants them. But if there was any fine print on … Continue reading

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Catholic and Mormon

The Paragould Daily Press in Paragould, Arkansas recently published a short Guest Column written by a Mormon/Catholic man from Texas. Interestingly, James Marples wrote: “I was baptized Roman Catholic as an infant. However, I didn’t ‘convert’ to Mormonism as such. … Continue reading

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Proselytizing for Optimum Productivity

An email from a former Mormon (I’ll call “XM”) arrived in my inbox. He was disturbed over a video he found on You Tube. In the video, (now) LDS President Thomas Monson instructs LDS missionaries on how to find investigators … Continue reading

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