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Do Mormons and Christians Share the Same Gospel?

LDS Professor James Faulconer recently posed and answered the question, “How Do Mormons Understand the Gospel?” After exploring a few ideas, he concluded, “Mormons differ from other Christians in significant ways, but there is little difference between us in our … Continue reading

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Was the Mormon ban against blacks holding the priesthood before 1978 racist?

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Policy or Doctrine?
The Mormon Church ban of blacks before 1978

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Can Thomas Monson say Jesus sinned and still be a true prophet?

Aaron interviews Steve, a Mormon Apologist (formerly known as Rommelator on YouTube) outside of Temple Square. In this 11 minute video Aaron and Steve discuss the question of how far a Mormon prophet can go and yet still be a … Continue reading

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Romney’s and Huntsman’s “pastors” on historic Christianity

Last week Deseret News published an article titled, “Michele Bachmann’s pastor on Mormonism.” The article notes that outspokenly Christian presidential-hopeful Michele Bachmann has not said what she thinks of Mormonism (the religion of two of her political opponents), but the … Continue reading

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A Personal Relationship With Jesus

Mormon Times guest blogger Kate Jensen wrote about some of her memories from growing up in Texas in the 1980s. In a piece titled “To see forever,” Ms. Jensen provided a little background on her Mormon faith as she explained, … Continue reading

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The Central Message of Mormonism

Last Friday (April 29, 2011) LDS Deseret News published an article providing tips for successful member-missionary work (as distinct from the formal Mormon missionary program). Because a recent poll showed that 77 percent of Americans aren’t sure if Mormons are … Continue reading

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Mormonism’s Grinch and a Response to James of Lehi’s Library

Mormonism’s Grinch smiled and said, “‘Only Begotten Son.’ Only Begotten in the flesh, meaning in mortality. This designation of our Lord signifies that he was begotten by Man of Holiness as literally as any mortal father begets a son. The … Continue reading

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Mormon Jurors Not Welcome

Last week The Associated Press reported, Defense asks for no Mormons on murder trial jury OGDEN, Utah — An attorney for a man charged with aggravated murder have filed a motion to keep off the jury any members of the … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Bruce McConkie?

The back of this “Christmas card” has a note from Kevin Barney of FAIR: “My usual tack when asked about it is to point out that the idea is not now and never was doctrine; it was a speculation… I … Continue reading

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