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Mormonism’s growth figures—what can you believe?

Screaming front page headline in Wednesday, May 2, 2012’s Salt Lake Tribune (in bold, no less): “Multiplying Mormons expand into new turf” Subhead 1: “2010 census: LDS Church is fastest-growth Christian faith in 30 states, report shows” Subhead 2: “Only … Continue reading

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Mormonism’s Apostasy Predicament

In 2006 an article in the Salt Lake Tribune made waves when it called attention to the fact that “Less than a third of those baptized [in Chile] stays in the Mormon fold.” The article noted that the LDS Church … Continue reading

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The Mormon Kingdom Today

Over at the Mormon Chapbook blog, Mike Tea takes a look at the demographics of Mormonism. Employing a helpful map (below) provided by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, Mike argues that the grandiose LDS claims of worldwide … Continue reading

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Mormons Don’t Necessarily Believe in Christ?

Lifelong Mormon Lyndon Lamborn went to an LDS “Disciplinary Council” meeting on August 19th 2007. The only thing on the agenda was to determine what should be done with Mr. Lamborn’s membership in the LDS Church. He had lost his … Continue reading

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