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Mormon.org’s Plan of Salvation

Mormon.org includes a section titled, “God’s Plan of Salvation.” This section systematically presents Mormon beliefs related to eternal life. It goes like this (my summarization of each point in parentheses): “God’s Plan for You” (To choose good and become more … Continue reading

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Flying First-Class — Mormon Style

In reading the July 2013 Ensign, I came across a thoughtful story written by Bonnie Marshall in the Latter-day Saint Voices section of the magazine. Mrs. Marshall tells of a long flight she and her husband took when they returned … Continue reading

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Telestial glory is “so great that we would be tempted to commit suicide to get there”?

Eldred G. Smith, considered the “Patriarch to the Church”, affirmed a belief that is still popular today among Mormons: “I cannot for a minute conceive the telestial being hell, either, because it is considered a heaven, a glory. The Prophet … Continue reading

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