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Can the missionaries really help you?

In the last General Conference, Apostle Russell M. Nelson gave a talk titled “Ask the Missionaries! They Can Help You!” (Apparently there were lots of exclamation points in this talk!!!) Earlier on the first day of the conference, President Thomas … Continue reading

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Thomas Monson’s To Do List (for you)

The Mormon Church’s Teachings of the Living Prophets Student Manual Religion 333 quotes Mormonism’s 13th prophet-president Ezra Taft Benson, “Of all mortal men, we should keep our eyes most firmly fixed on the captain, the prophet, seer, and revelator, and … Continue reading

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Are Their Words Really Scripture?

Last week Eric Johnson blogged here on the topic of following the prophet and personal revelation. He cited a recent Salt Lake Tribune article by Peggy Fletcher Stack titled, “Are Leaders Infallible? LDS Faithful are Admonished to ‘Follow the Prophet.’” … Continue reading

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Too Little Time, Too Much to Do

On October 8th, 1854 Brigham Young delivered a conference discourse in Salt Lake City. After making several preliminary remarks to the congregation he said, “I think these preliminaries will satisfy me, and I feel prepared to take my text: it … Continue reading

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Missing the Point

During the April 2010 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints President Dieter F. Uchtdorf (Second Counselor in the First Presidency) talked about Mormons being the “hands” of Christ. Mr. Uchtdorf provided lots of good ideas … Continue reading

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Obedience/Personal Worthiness Familiar Conference Themes

As we head toward the October General Conference coming up, here’s a quick look at a few teachings from the last General Conference (April 2010) as found in the May 2010 issue of the Ensign magazine. “Qualifying for the Lord’s … Continue reading

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Mormonism’s First-Ever Black African General Authority

History was made at the April 2009 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During this conference, the LDS Church appointed its first black African as a General Authority. Twenty-three years after joining the LDS Church … Continue reading

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A few teachings from the October 1900 LDS General Conference

The LDS General Conference in October 1900 focused a lot on the law of tithing. The repetition on that topic was due to the feeling among Church leadership that the second coming of Christ was near and the Saints needed … Continue reading

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Open Thread on General Conference

In October 2006, Richard G. Scott directly contradicted himself and promoted a theology of earning / “qualifying” for forgiveness and mercy: [SWF]http://www.youtube.com/v/0taZlm9IUsA&hl=en,425,355[/SWF] In October 2007, we heard from apostle Robert D. Hales that “Each of us has been sent to … Continue reading

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Like stubborn Scotchmen, they couldn’t get Adam-God out of their heads

At the April 1916 General Conference Charles W. Penrose, a member of the First Presidency, stated: “There still remains, I can tell by the letters I have alluded to, an idea among some of the people that Adam was and … Continue reading

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