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The Indefensible Book of Mormon

Evangelical professor and author Philip Jenkins, in addition to teaching and authoring books, blogs at The Anxious Bench. He has published an interesting series of articles over the past few months that examine the Book of Mormon as a historical … Continue reading

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How was Joseph Smith’s seer stone like a smart phone?

I know the headline sounds like a lead-in to a joke, but in fact, Mormon apologist Daniel Peterson wrote a “Defending the Faith” column for Deseret News in which he suggested that, though “some critics of Joseph Smith mock the … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name?

This is kind of a dual subject post, so bear with me. We sometimes place a lot of importance on names. For example, the Mormon Church places a lot of importance on the name of the Church: The Church of Jesus … Continue reading

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Examining the claims of defenders of Mormonism

Many critics of Mormonism know how frustrating it can be to try to pin down the truth while talking with Latter-day Saints about Mormon doctrine and history. This video by ldsvideoencyclopedia demonstrates the sorts of difficulties critics encounter while trying … Continue reading

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