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Mormonism’s 4th Article of Faith

The December 2013 issue of the Mormon Church’s Ensign magazine contains an article by John Welch titled, “The Articles of Faith and the Life of Joseph Smith.” In this article, Dr. Welch goes through the 13 Articles of Faith (canonized … Continue reading

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Passing the Torch of Mormonism’s Historical Racisim

[In honor of Black History Month 2014, each Monday in February Mormon Coffee’s blog post has addressed a topic related to racism in Mormon history. Today is the final post in the series.] Institutionalized racism in the Mormon Church spanned … Continue reading

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Mormonism: A Religion Only Understood by Its Own?

I was speaking to somebody recently about ministry in Utah. This man, a professional clergy member who recently moved to Utah, told me proudly, “Our church will never host any class teaching about Mormonism. After all, it not only could … Continue reading

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More on Exalted Mormons Creating and Populating Worlds

Mormonism Research Ministry’s website contains a 2011 article sparked by Mormon denials (including a pointed and clear denial found on lds.org) of the long-standing doctrine in Mormonism that exalted Mormons will one day create and populate their own worlds. The … Continue reading

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Brigham Young In His Own Words

Bart Pascoal at MormonInfographics.com has been producing and posting short videos of dramatic readings of Brigham Young. Watching an actor deliver these words from Brigham Young’s sermons adds a whole new dimension to such statements as: “I say, rather than … Continue reading

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“Absolutes” About the Mormon Gospel

In 1999 James E. Faust, member of the Mormon Church’s First Presidency, counseled new mission presidents at the annual Mission Presidents Seminar in June of that year. According to LDS Church News, “The word gospel means ‘good news’ and missionaries … Continue reading

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The Teachings of Joseph Smith and His Apostles

The following illustration is found in the Instructor’s Guide for the current Mormon Institute manual, “The Life and Teachings of Jesus and His Apostles, (Rel 211-12)” [The posted scan is from the print edition, page 110]. Found in a section … Continue reading

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True Mormonism

On September 24th Mormon Apostle D. Todd Christofferson spoke to students at BYU-Idaho during the school’s weekly devotional. About halfway through his talk, “The Prophet Joseph Smith,” Mr. Christofferson explained, “Joseph Smith’s prophetic calling is key to our religion. Without … Continue reading

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How Mormon beliefs chiefly perpetuate

What was once explicitly taught and instilled often only needs implicit, suggestive support to perpetuate. If I tell my daughter a hundred times, “Daddy loves ice cream!”, and then every week after I say, “Let’s go to Leatherby’s and get … Continue reading

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But is it official?

I recently finished reading through the entire series of “Teachings of Presidents of the Church” gospel doctrine manuals, which have been regularly used in LDS Sunday School classes since the late 1990s. With the exception of the current prophet Thomas … Continue reading

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