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Without the Priesthood

A week ago at church the pastor preached on Mark 1:21-22, on Jesus’ authority. We learn at the very beginning of Mark’s gospel that Jesus used His authority to teach in an astonishing way (Mark 1:22). He cast out demons … Continue reading

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Forget delegated priesthood authority

God speaks, and galaxies BURST into existence. God speaks, and storms STOP. God speaks, and the dead COME ALIVE from their graves. God speaks, and the lame WALK and the blind SEE. God speaks, and hearts CHANGE. God speaks, and … Continue reading

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Son of Ham: Withholding the LDS Priesthood

I read a press release today about a relatively new book which claims it is “Changing the World’s Concept Concerning the People of African Lineage and the Mormon Priesthood.” Son of Ham Under the Covenant is written by Latter-day Saint … Continue reading

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