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Messing with the Gospel doesn’t make you wrong…

…it makes you an evildoer. In this sermon on Philippians 3:1-3, Christian Pastor Troy Dobbs examines the Apostles Paul’s warning to watch out for “the dogs” –religious people who “mess around with the Gospel.” “Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the … Continue reading

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Sects, and Religions, and Cults! Oh My!

Over at Real Clear Religion author Douglas Wilson wrote about distinguishing between sects, cults and religions. He began, “Classification is always a dicey business, and especially if it is classification that brings with it some sort of implicit praise or … Continue reading

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The Gospel vs. Religion

“The Gospel Is Not ‘Old Time’ Religion” from Grace Church. Pastor Troy Dobbs explains some of the distinctions that differentiate religion from the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this sermon, using Matthew 9:14-17 as his text. According to Dr. Dobbs, … Continue reading

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