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The Grace Club

My daughter took The Not Even Once Club book off my shelf and wanted me to read it as a bedtime story. I can’t blame her: it has fun and inviting pictures. I told her it was not a book I … Continue reading

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Millions of Mormons Testify of the Book of Mormon

The October 2014 Ensign magazine included a sidebar quote from President Ezra Taft Benson, the Mormon Church’s 13th President. The article in which the quote appeared was about how a testimony of the Mormon gospel is intertwined with a testimony … Continue reading

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Are Mormons Stressed Out?

[The following is a guest post written by a friend of Mormonism Research Ministry – a former Mormon who wishes to remain anonymous to keep family peace.] _____________________________ Two recent Gallup polls have disclosed an odd disparity in the State of … Continue reading

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Mormonism: The Not Even Once Club

An interesting movement is afoot in the Mormon world. Wendy Nelson, wife of Mormon apostle Russell M. Nelson, has written a children’s book on the topic of covenant-keeping. This sounds like a good fit for Mormon kids, but LDS adults … Continue reading

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Can the missionaries really help you?

In the last General Conference, Apostle Russell M. Nelson gave a talk titled “Ask the Missionaries! They Can Help You!” (Apparently there were lots of exclamation points in this talk!!!) Earlier on the first day of the conference, President Thomas … Continue reading

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LDS Apostle Accused of Deception in Defense of Marriage

Last April I blogged about the recent temple wedding of LDS Apostle Russell M. Nelson (see Wedding Bells for LDS Apostle). I made note of the fact that Mr. Nelson, whose first wife died in 2005, was on his second … Continue reading

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Wedding Bells for LDS Apostle

Since we’re on the topic of polygamy, here’s a bit of news that raises a question or two. In 1945 LDS Apostle Russell M. Nelson married his first wife, Dantzel, “for time and eternity” in the Salt Lake Temple. They … Continue reading

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