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“Some people think truth is more important than loyalty to a tradition.”

About a year ago news headlines announced that vast numbers of Mormons were leaving the Mormon Church. While that is perhaps considered old news today, for Mormons who are struggling with their faith it is very relevant. This 9-minute video, … Continue reading

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The Gospel vs. Religion

“The Gospel Is Not ‘Old Time’ Religion” from Grace Church. Pastor Troy Dobbs explains some of the distinctions that differentiate religion from the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this sermon, using Matthew 9:14-17 as his text. According to Dr. Dobbs, … Continue reading

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Mormon Temples: One Way

Thomas S. Monson, the current LDS president and prophet, has a Facebook page. Well, actually, a Thomas Monson Facebook page exists, but it is “not an Official church Facebook page.”  The page describes itself as, “Quotes and talks from Thomas … Continue reading

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Miscategorizing Mormonism

In an opinion piece that recently appeared in The Salt Lake Tribune (1/28/12), LDS authors David Paulsen and Hal Boyd sought to answer the question, “How do we categorize Mormons?” They state: “Brigham Young put it this way, ‘We, the … Continue reading

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Understanding James 2:26

In the course of a study on Ephesians, Tabletalk magazine discusses the relationship between a person’s good works and his justification before God. Examining James 2:14-26 (“faith without works is dead”), the magazine offers good insight into James’ teaching. Since … Continue reading

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Are Mormons Saved?

Mormon Times recently ran an article that asked — and answered — that question. According to LDS guest writer William Monahan, when people ask if Latter-day Saints are saved or born again, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Even so, … Continue reading

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Salvation and Grace

In The Plan of Salvation LDS author Matthew B. Brown provides his audience with an appendix “designed to direct the reader to information on the LDS view of salvation and grace.” Included (among other things) are four pages of helpful … Continue reading

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Condemning Unbelievers

Upon hearing the Christian Gospel message, people are sometimes offended at the idea that everyone, themselves included, are sinners. The fact that the Bible is the source for this designation (Romans 3:23) doesn’t usually hinder a quick accusation that the … Continue reading

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The Mormon Gospel

As has been demonstrated here on Mormon Coffee, it is difficult to pin-down LDS doctrine with references to LDS scriptures or quotes from LDS authority figures.  Because of “continuing revelation”, what was true before is not necessarily true now. Thankfully, … Continue reading

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