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Sufficiently humble?

In the August 2015 Ensign magazine is an anonymous article on page 10 titled “We Believe in Being Humble.” On the opposite page are artistic renderings depicting five ways a person “can show humility”: “receiving counsel and correction,” “giving selfless … Continue reading

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Could this be…my Savior?

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Undeserved Riches

We came into this world empty-handed. But few of us are empty-handed today. Everything we have—all things material and immaterial—must inspire us to offer profound thanksgiving to our gracious and benevolent God. We deserve none of the gifts He has … Continue reading

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God Doesn’t Sing Amazing Grace; He Never Was a Wretch Like Me

Ralph, a Mormon, writes, To say that the LDS God was a sinner would be like an LDS saying that the Traditional Christian God cannot forgive sins and make men perfect. We all know from the Bible that God has … Continue reading

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