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A Kinder, Gentler Mormonism?

The June 2012 Ensign magazine included an article titled, “The Honor and Order of the Priesthood” by President of the Quorum of the Twelve [Mormon] Apostles, Boyd K. Packer. The article began by relating a story about Mormonism’s 12th Prophet … Continue reading

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Salvation and Grace

In The Plan of Salvation LDS author Matthew B. Brown provides his audience with an appendix “designed to direct the reader to information on the LDS view of salvation and grace.” Included (among other things) are four pages of helpful … Continue reading

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George P. Lee dies

On Wednesday, July 28, former LDS Seventy George P. Lee, a Navajo, died at the age of 67 due to health problems. Lee was best known for being the first Native American LDS General Authority, being commissioned at the age … Continue reading

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The ‘Careful Finagling’ of Repentance

I read an article about repentance in the August 2009 Ensign magazine. “Mending Quilts, Mending Lives” illustrates the idea of repentance in a story about a damaged quilt. While making a quilt, one of the quilters accidentally put a hole … Continue reading

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