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There is a Difference Between Truth and Error

From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon, “Taking Hold of God,” delivered October 7, 1877: In the present age, if any man can talk well, he will get a following whatever he may teach. I am astounded at some professors … Continue reading

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On Mockery and Mormonism

To my son John Caleb and daughter Lydia, I “mock” the earth in showing just how small it is compared to the wider universe, which is itself small compared to the “bigness” and beauty and power and ultimacy of God … Continue reading

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Should evangelism always suit a 21st century culture?

On Ash Wednesday, several Episcopalian priests from the San Diego, CA area went onto local street corners, putting ashes onto the heads of pedestrians. According to the article I read, this event was created so people who were too busy … Continue reading

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Purposeful Blindness

Brought to our attention by Mormon Coffee friend, Spartacus, NBC’s Rock Center aired an exposé on the Church of Scientology earlier this month. In “The Defectors,” journalist Harry Smith interviewed four former Scientologists: Haydn, Lucy and Katrina James, and Paul … Continue reading

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Mormons are taught how to “keep the faith”

How do Mormons keep faith in Mormonism “in a world of confusion”? Mormon Bishop Gérald Caussé (First Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric) counseled Latter-days Saints on this topic in the August 2012 Ensign magazine (26-29). His advice included: Seek the … Continue reading

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Good, but not true?

‎ “One of the greatest difficulties is to keep before the audience’s mind the question of Truth. They always think you are recommending Christianity not because it is true, but because it is good. And in the discussion they will … Continue reading

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Transitioning from Mormonism to Christianity

Earlier this year Reuters reported that the top leadership of the Mormon Church is not only aware of the fact that Mormons are “leaving [the Church] in droves,” but the leaders “really care” about the situation. Additionally, ex-Mormon discussion and … Continue reading

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Can Thomas Monson say Jesus sinned and still be a true prophet?

Aaron interviews Steve, a Mormon Apologist (formerly known as Rommelator on YouTube) outside of Temple Square. In this 11 minute video Aaron and Steve discuss the question of how far a Mormon prophet can go and yet still be a … Continue reading

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More on Normal Mormons

Last month I wrote about the new LDS ad campaign tailored to convince people that Mormons are just normal folk. The 30-second commercials continue to flood the airwaves in nine test cities across America. Longer versions of these “I’m [fill … Continue reading

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Normal Mormons

The LDS Church has launched a “considerably” expensive advertising blitz in nine markets across America.  The city I live in happens to be one of them. The advertising campaign is designed to persuade people that Mormons are nothing special or … Continue reading

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