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This may seem like a silly question, but can anyone tell me what comprises “the Gospel” according to Mormonism?

I ask because I recently came across a video on You Tube titled “Sharing the Gospel with Elder Hartman Rector Jr., A Missionary Tool.” In this video Mr. Rector, emeritus General Authority of the LDS Church, talks about Doctrine & Covenants 33:7-10 wherein readers are told that the field is white and ready to harvest, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Mr. Rector explains that Latter-day Saints are “their access in” to the kingdom of heaven for people not yet members of the Church. Mormons must “open their mouths” to reap the harvest. “[I]t doesn’t make any difference [what you say],” Mr. Rector instructs, “as long as you talk about the Church.”

From there Mr. Rector provides some ideas of what Latter-day Saints might say when they open their mouths. He says to ask questions: “By the way, do you like to read? If I would send you a book that contains the actual account of the visit of the Lord Jesus Christ to America, would you read it?” Ostensibly, 97.5 percent of the people who are asked this question say yes.

Mr. Rector suggests another technique that involves the use of a coin imprinted with the images of the prophet Moroni on one side and Joseph Smith on the other. Again, Latter-day Saints are to ask if the person they’re talking with would be willing to receive and read the Book of Mormon (though Mr. Rector does not say to call the book by its title). Using this approach, 90 percent agree to receive the Book of Mormon and willingly provide their names and addresses to a complete stranger.

Latter-day Saints are told to write in the book before they send it, “Something simple like…If you will read this book and apply the promise on page 529 it will change your life, as it has changed mine.”

Okay, well it could be that the person who posted this video attached a poorly chosen title to it, yet at least to that Mormon’s understanding, Mr. Rector is explaining how to share the Gospel. In the entire 6 minutes and 55 seconds that the video runs, the death, burial and resurrection of Christ is never mentioned. The Atonement of Christ is never mentioned. Man’s need of a Savior is never mentioned. In fact, Jesus Christ Himself is only mentioned in relation to being a main character in the Book of Mormon. Exactly what “Gospel” are these people sharing? Not the Gospel Paul preached, at least not directly.

The “Gospel” is “The central message of the Christian church to the world, centered on God’s provision of salvation for the world in Jesus Christ” (Donald K. McKim, Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms).

A “Gospel” without Christ at its center is foreign to me. What is this Mormon “Gospel” that Latter-day Saints are told to share without even talking about salvation and what Christ has done for us?

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Sharon surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus Christ in 1979. Deeply passionate about Truth, Sharon loves serving as a full-time volunteer research associate with Mormonism Research Ministry. Sharon and her husband live in Minnesota.
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  1. Olsen Jim says:


    I never said I taught every Sunday- I said I speak frequently in church.

    I never got upset- simply tried to stick to the one question for which I entered this thread- I challenged you when you said the BOM contradicts the Bible, and I simply asked you to show me where. I am now assuming your response is not coming anytime soon.

    So, as far as your question and challenge to list teachings of the church found in the BOM, fine I will provide you with a brief list:

    1. God is our Father
    2. Jesus Christ is the only Begotten Son of God
    3. Christ is the only means of salvation and only hope.
    4. Pre-earth life
    5. Each person falls, just like Adam and Eve, and is lost and without hope outside of the Atonement of Jesus Christ
    6. To be saved, man must have faith in Jesus Christ, repent of sins, be baptized, receive the Holy Ghost and endure to the end.
    7. After this earthly life, man goes to the spirit world until the resurrection.
    8. All mankind will be resurrected and be judged by Christ.

    Again, this is a brief list. The atonement is explained dozens of times more plainly than anywhere else in scripture.

    The fundamentals of faith in Christ, repentance and the need for humble service to God are expounded countless times.

    I am guessing that you are licking your chops waiting to ask where the temple ordinances are explained.

    What critics who make this shallow argument need to understand is that the BOM is consistent with the Bible in NOT detailing those ordinances. And there is reason for that- the same reason LDS do not discuss them in detail outside the temple today. There is great consistency in that.

    But the tabloid-like curiosity of the typical EV critic never seems to think any deeper than the most basic-knee jerk response in hearing from somebody else who actually read the book that those ordinances are not found there.

    Again- I can add plenty to the list above about the destiny of America, Jerusalem, and the House of Israel.

  2. Rick B says:

    OJ, It might take me a few days, but unlike some people I know, Janet for example, I do not dodge questions or act as if they were never asked of me. I told you I was out of town and am in college and have a project due on Monday. So I will provide you with the information.

    Also unlike some people, I am telling you, why I am slow in giving you this info. So it’s like this, If I tell you openly and do not do it, then you have evidence that I did not keep my word and you can go back and prove it and call me a liar.

    Otherwise, I am “forced” to put my money where my mouth is since I openly said something. But on the other hand, when LDS say something but then do not do what they said, I am more than happy to return the favor and show or remind them of what they said, yet did not do. Rick b

  3. grindael says:

    For one of the better explanations (I have read) of the ‘I said you were gods’ from Psalm 82 and it’s use by Jesus in John 10 go here:


  4. grindael says:

    I take the time to post this, to show that the Trinity, Ex-nihilo, & the Virgin Birth as expounded upon midway between the Council of Nicea (325 A.D.) and the death of John the Apostle (circa 90 A. D.) Tertullian the Roman lived from about 160 to 230 A.D.

    Tertullian from: Apologetic (c. 200)

    ”The object of our worship is the One God, [101] He who by His commanding word, His arranging wisdom, His mighty power, brought forth from nothing this entire mass of our world, with all its array of elements, bodies, spirits, for the glory of His majesty; whence also the Greeks have bestowed on it the name of Kosmos. The eye cannot see Him, though He is (spiritually) visible. He is incomprehensible, though in grace He is manifested. He is beyond our utmost thought, though our
    human faculties conceive of Him. He is therefore equally real and great. But that which, in the ordinary sense, can be seen and handled and conceived, is inferior to the eyes by which it is taken in, and the hands by which it is tainted, and the faculties by which it is discovered; but that which is infinite is known only to itself. This it is which gives some notion of God, while yet beyond all our conceptions–our very incapacity of fully grasping Him affords us the idea of what He really is. He is presented to our minds in His transcendent greatness, as at once known and unknown. And this is the crowning guilt of men, that they will not recognize One, of whom they cannot possibly be ignorant.

    [104 ]And we, in like manner, hold that the Word, and Reason, and Power, by which we have said God made all, have spirit as their proper and essential substratum, in which the Word has in being to give forth utterances, and reason abides to dispose and arrange, and power is over all to execute. We have been taught that He proceeds forth from God, and in that procession He is generated; so that He is the Son of God, and is called God from unity of substance with God.

  5. grindael says:

    For God, too, is a Spirit. Even when the ray is shot from the sun, it is still part of the parent mass; the sun will still be in the ray, because it is a ray of the sun–there is no division of substance, but merely an extension. Thus Christ is Spirit of Spirit, and God of God, as light of light is kindled.

    This ray of God, then, as it was always foretold in ancient times, descending into a certain virgin, and made flesh in her womb, is in His birth God and man united. The flesh formed by the Spirit is nourished, grows up to manhood, speaks, teaches, works, and is the Christ. Receive meanwhile this fable, if you choose to call it so–it is like some of your own–while we go on to show how Christ’s claims are proved, and who the parties are with you by whom such fables have been set a going to overthrow the truth, which they resemble.”

    Tertullian (On the Trinity) from ‘Against Praxeas’: XXV (c. 200)

    ”Thus the connection of the Father in the Son, and of the Son in the Paraclete, produces three coherent Persons, who are yet distinct One from Another. These Three are, one essence, not one Person, as it is said, “I and my Father are One,” in respect of unity of substance not singularity of number. Run through the whole Gospel, and you will find that He whom you believe to be the Father (described as acting for the Father, although you, for your part, forsooth, suppose that “the Father, being the husbandman,” must surely have been on earth) is once more recognised by the Son as in heaven, when, “lifting up His eyes thereto,” He commended His disciples to the safe-keeping of the Father. We have, moreover, in that other Gospel a clear revelation, i.e. of the Son’s distinction from the Father, “My God, why hast Thou forsaken me? ” and again, (in the third Gospel, ) “Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit.

  6. grindael says:

    “But even if (we had not these passages, we meet with satisfactory evidence) after His resurrection and glorious victory over death. Now that all the restraint of His humiliation is taken away, He might, if possible, have shown Himself as the Father to so faithful a woman (as Mary Magdalene) when she approached to touch Him, out of love, not from curiosity, nor with Thomas’ incredulity. But not so; Jesus saith unto her, “Touch me not, for I am not yet ascended to my Father; but go to my brethren” (and even in this He proves Himself to be the Son; for if He had been the Father, He would have called them His children, (instead of His brethren), “and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father and your Father, and to my God and your God.”Now, does this mean, I ascend as the Father to the Father, and as God to God? Or as the Son to the Father, and as the Word to God? Wherefore also does this Gospel, at its very termination, intimate that these things were ever written, if it be not, to use its own words, “that ye might believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? ” Whenever, therefore, you take any of the statements of this Gospel, and apply them to demonstrate the identity of the Father and the Son, supposing that they serve your views therein, you are contending against the definite purpose of the Gospel. For these things certainly are not written that you may believe that Jesus Christ is the Father, but the Son.

    Tertullian on angels, prayer & sacred writings from Apologetic (cont.)

    [112]”This whole confession of these beings, [angels] in which they declare that they are not gods, and in which they tell you that there is no God but one, the God whom we adore, is quite sufficient to clear us from the crime of treason, chiefly against the Roman religion.”

    Thither we lift our eyes, with hands outstretched, because free from sin; with head uncovered, for we have nothing whereof to be ashamed;

  7. grindael says:

    finally, without a monitor, because it is from the heart we supplicate. Without ceasing, for all our emperors we offer prayer. We pray for life prolonged; for security to the empire; for protection to the imperial house; for brave armies, a faithful senate, a virtuous people,
    the world at rest, whatever, as man or Caesar, an emperor would wish. These things I cannot ask from any but the God from whom I know I shall obtain them, both because He alone bestows them and because I have claims upon Him for their gift, as being a servant of His, rendering homage to Him alone, persecuted for His doctrine, offering to Him, at His own requirement, that costly and noble sacrifice of prayer [117] despatched from the chaste body, an unstained soul, a sanctified spirit, not the few grains of incense a farthing buys [118] –tears of an Arabian tree,–not a few drops of wine,–not the blood of some worthless ox to which death is a relief, and, in addition to other offensive things, a polluted conscience, so that one wonders, when your victims are examined by these vile priests, why the examination is not
    rather of the sacrificers than the sacrifices. With our hands thus stretched out and up to God, rend us with your iron claws, hang us up on crosses, wrap us in flames, take our heads from us with the sword,
    let loose the wild beasts on us,–the very attitude of a Christian praying is one of preparation for all punishment.

    [132] We assemble to read our sacred writings, if any peculiarity of the times makes either forewarning or reminiscence needful. [133] However it be in that respect, with the sacred words we nourish our faith, we animate our hope, we make our confidence more stedfast; and no less by inculcations of God’s precepts we confirm good habits.

  8. grindael says:

    Some of their brood, with their opinions, have even adulterated our new-given Christian revelation, and corrupted it into a system of philosophic doctrines, and from the one path have struck off many andinexplicable by-roads.[like the Gnostics] [145] And I have alluded to this, lest any one becoming acquainted with the variety of parties among us, this might seem to him to put us on a level with the philosophers, and he might condemn the truth from the different ways in which it is defended. But we at once put in a plea in bar against these tainters of our purity, asserting that this is the rule of truth which comes down from Christ by transmission through His companions, to whom we shall prove that those devisers of different doctrines are all posterior. http://www.ccel.org/ccel/schaff/anf03.txt

    Tertullian was a defender of the necessity of apostolicity. In his Prescription Against Heretics, he explicitly challenges heretics to produce evidence of the apostolic succession of their communities. “Let them produce the original records of their churches; let them unfold the roll of their bishops, running down in due succession from the beginning in such a manner that [that first bishop of theirs] bishop shall be able to show for his ordainer and predecessor some one of the apostles or of apostolic men, — a man, moreover, who continued steadfast with the apostles. For this is the manner in which the apostolic churches transmit their registers: as the church of Smyrna, which records that Polycarp was placed therein by John; as also the church of Rome, which makes Clement to have been ordained in like manner by Peter. In exactly the same way the other churches likewise exhibit (their several worthies), whom, as having been appointed to their episcopal places by apostles, they regard as transmitters of the apostolic seed.” (The Prescription against Heretics: Chapter 32)

  9. Rick B says:

    Hello OJ,
    Well here is the deal on me posting the problems I see as contradictions in the BoM verses the Bible.

    Their are so many that you could not give honest answers or you guys might not even try to answer them since this post is been pushed down and getting long.

    So What I did was, I wrote up a topic with the contradictions I see, there are so many that it will be in 2 parts. I sent it to Sharon Monday night asking her if she could post it. I do not know if or when she will, if she does not then we will take it from their.

    If she posts it, then my plan is too do a 2 part topic on the D and C since I read that and it is chock full of problems, then I want to do the Pearl. So maybe 5 parts total, because you guys are following and teaching a false gospel that is leading millions to eternal damnation for all of eternity. Rick b

  10. Rick B says:

    Hello OJ, Sharon wrote me and said guest topics take a lot to get posted, she suggested I post it on my blog and provide a link, so here you go.


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