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Mormonism hurts.

The topic of the Mormon Church and race has been in the news again this summer. The June anniversary of the Church’s 1978 lifting of the priesthood ban passed mostly unnoticed, but a week and a half later, when the … Continue reading

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Don’t patronize us, please

In a 2007 General Conference talk, Seventy Gary J. Coleman referred to a story of fourteen-year-old Cortnee, the daughter of an LDS mission president, who was confused when her high school classmates questioned her Christianity. She went home and asked … Continue reading

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Still no formal repudiation. Let June 8th be a day of shame.

In honor of the 35th anniversary of Mormon President Spencer W. Kimball’s announcement of the end of the priesthood ban against black Mormons (D&C Declaration 2), we are reposting Aaron Shafovaloff’s 30th anniversary article, “Shame, Shame, Shame: Thirty Years Later … Continue reading

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The Priesthood of the Gods vs. the Word of God’s Power

In my last post, “‘Go’ is enough”, I talked about the awesome “word of power” of Jesus Christ. The idea behind it is huge and I hope you’ll see the big picture with me. In Mormonism, priesthood isn’t a product … Continue reading

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Changing and Correcting Mormon Scripture

The January 2013 Ensign magazine seems to reflect a new effort toward transparency in the Mormon Church. In an article by LDS historian Gerrit Dirkmaat, “Great and Marvelous are the Revelations of God,” the author discloses “Many Revelations Were Later … Continue reading

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A Royal Priesthood

The Priesthood is a big deal in Mormonism. At it is defined as “The power and authority of God, given to men on earth to act in all things for the salvation of God’s children.” Fifteenth LDS President Gordon … Continue reading

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The Priesthood of Joseph Smith

LDS History of the Church Vol. 4 (pp 571-81) includes an editorial Joseph Smith, Jr. submitted to the Times and Seasons newspaper. “Try the Spirits” was written in response to “occurrences that [had] transpired amongst” his congregation. In the article, … Continue reading

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LDS Priesthood Blessings Influenced by “Mortal Imperfections”

At the April 2010 General Conference of the LDS Church, Apostle Dallin Oaks spoke about Mormonism’s priesthood power and how it should be used to heal the sick. “There are five parts to the use of priesthood authority to bless … Continue reading

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Without the Priesthood

A week ago at church the pastor preached on Mark 1:21-22, on Jesus’ authority. We learn at the very beginning of Mark’s gospel that Jesus used His authority to teach in an astonishing way (Mark 1:22). He cast out demons … Continue reading

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Are Mormon males called by God as Levitical priests just like Aaron was?

Mormonism claims that most of its male members are Aaron/Levitical priests. How does this claim hold up? Quoting Hal Hougey from “Latter-day Saints—Where Did You Get Your Authority?”: Qualifications for the Aaronic Priesthood: Limited to Aaron and his sons only … Continue reading

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