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Two Views of Eternal Life

Former Mormons who are now Christians say that this 21 minute video has been instrumental in helping them recognize the differences between the biblical view of salvation and the Mormon view of eternal life. It helped them understand what God has … Continue reading

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From the Mailbag (Eternal Marriage)

Hi, I have a Mormon friend that finds forever marriage very important to him and I tried explaining how Heaven is going to be so much better then any marriage or person. He then asked “What is there to do?” … Continue reading

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How Good is Good Enough?

About a week after the April 2014 General Conference of the Mormon Church the (Provo, Utah) Daily Herald published an article by correspondent Steve Densley titled, “How Good is Good Enough?” Mr. Densley began, “The semiannual conference of the Church … Continue reading

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“The fulness of his kingdom” – Mormons becoming like God

On February 25th (2014) the Mormon Church posted a new article in its Gospel Topics section: “Becoming Like God.” Deseret News says this essay accomplishes “explaining the faith’s doctrine” on the topic, and the Salt Lake Tribune likewise says it … Continue reading

Posted in Afterlife, King Follett Discourse, LDS Church, Nature of God, Nature of Man | Tagged , , , , , , , | 64 Comments’s Plan of Salvation includes a section titled, “God’s Plan of Salvation.” This section systematically presents Mormon beliefs related to eternal life. It goes like this (my summarization of each point in parentheses): “God’s Plan for You” (To choose good and become more … Continue reading

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Flying First-Class — Mormon Style

In reading the July 2013 Ensign, I came across a thoughtful story written by Bonnie Marshall in the Latter-day Saint Voices section of the magazine. Mrs. Marshall tells of a long flight she and her husband took when they returned … Continue reading

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Defending the Faith at Temple Square

A healthy Mormon and Christian Debate at Salt Lake Temple Square with host Dave Bartosiewicz

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Sects, and Religions, and Cults! Oh My!

Over at Real Clear Religion author Douglas Wilson wrote about distinguishing between sects, cults and religions. He began, “Classification is always a dicey business, and especially if it is classification that brings with it some sort of implicit praise or … Continue reading

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Mormons Yawn at Christian Heaven

Mormons look forward to an eternity–a Heaven–characterized as a sort of divine extension of their lives on earth. Calling mortal marriage “a laboratory for godhood,” the LDS Achieving a Celestial Marriage Student Manual states, “In the relationship of husband and … Continue reading

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Does lack of conscious focus on exaltation excuse the Mormon expectation of being worshiped?

When the Mormon concept of eternal progression unto Godhood is exposed (i.e. brought out of relative obscurity to explicit consideration), one common response from Mormons is that it shouldn’t be made such a big deal because common Mormons don’t think … Continue reading

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