Quick Question on Moroni 8:18

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10 Responses to Quick Question on Moroni 8:18

  1. Rick B says:

    If mormons are honest with themselves, they would agree, but the problem is, if they agree they then need to admit their are problems. And they dont want that.

  2. Mike R says:

    This seems to be a common scenario with men who seek to convince people that God has
    appointed them to reveal His truths, it matters not what Biblical prophets/apostles have taught
    about God because after all they are dead prophets . So 2ooo years after Jesus established His
    Church and sent out men to preach the salvation message we have men like Joseph Smith ,
    Brigham Young seeking to promote new truths about God or Jesus or salvation that all the
    prophets and apostles in the Bible ( and BofM ? ) somehow missed . But it’s reassuring
    to know that Jesus warned of those who would come claiming to teach truths about God
    that were long hidden , necessary truths that even His apostles did’nt teach . His apostles then
    took that warning and relayed it to those they taught , thus we don’t need to worry about some
    last days prophet /apostle who tries to mimic the claims of the authentic ones . This activity
    would’nt surprise Paul , or John etc , and it should’nt be surprising today either , it comes
    with these latter days especially —Matt.7;15; 24:11,24 ; 2Pt 2:1 ; 2Jn 7-9 ; Rom 1:16

  3. parkman says:

    You teach that Jesus has always been God and that neither of them can change.
    By your logic, God cannot be God because when He was on the earth as Jesus He changed from a baby to a child to an adult. Jesus also changed when He died and was reborn. Jesus changed as he grew and since you say He is one with God then by your own logic Jesus cannot be God and that also means that God cannot be God because They have changed.

  4. Mike R says:

    Parkman, you’re confusing Jesus as Jehovah God the Almighty with His coming to earth
    and being born of a virgin , He then experienced changes as He grew to be a man . He was still
    God . Now if we could trace His existence back before He came to earth no matter how
    far back we would go we would still find that He is God , the Almighty Creator . There never
    was a time when He was’nt this God etc. Just like there was never a time when God the Father
    was not God , He has always been God . Now consider what Mormon leaders have taught
    about Jesus : Jesus (Jehovah) was not always God , He was the first spirit child born
    through sexual relations by polygamous God , ( a man who was not always God ) and one of
    His wives . Jehovah , as this first spirit baby , had many brothers and sisters to play with
    and Lucifer was one these . There’s a few other teachings by Mormon authorities pertinent
    to this issue but that should suffice . As you can see there is quite a contrast and as such people
    need to choose which one to embrace , either the doctrinal offerings by Mormon leaders or the
    teachings of the prophets and apostles in the Bible ( and Book of Mormon ? ) .

  5. falcon says:

    Here’s something that will really mess you up. Read Philippians 2:5-11. This is called the “kenosis”. Jesus emptied Himself of His station, His privilege as God and humbled Himself even to the point of going to the cross.
    As God, He is the perfect sacrifice for sin since as God there is no sin in Him. He is the unblemished Passover Lamb.
    I’m almost hesitant in pointing you toward the Word of God because I know the way Mormons twist it, shape it and mold it to say what they want it to say. So I’m taking a chance I know.

    You can’t come up with an answer for the topic at hand so you attack Jesus, belittle Him.
    The Mormon Jesus is not God. He is the offspring of a mother-father god duo living on or near the planet Kolob. They procreate spirit children and Jesus is just one of many; not the Living God.
    I think you would feel at home with Brigham Young’s Adam-God doctrine.

  6. Rick B says:

    You remind me of someone that posted here before.
    You are a typical mormon, You have no clue what your church teaches, What you believe and cannot defend it or back it up.

    I agree with Falcon that we should not bother with replying to you. You still have not backed up what you said in that last post. Then in this post you claim according to our logic, God cannot be God.

    Well lets use that logic on you shall we?

    JS had 9 first visions, all claiming to be given by YOUR god. Yet how can your god and prophet have 9 first visions that span years and all be right?

    How can your prophets claim their god spoke to them and said stuff like, Adam is god, or polygamy is a law from god that will stand and we might as well have demons in us if we denounce it. But then later that same god changes it so it is no longer practiced?

    Or blacks (negro’s) can NEVER hold the priesthood, it is a LAW of god, yet then it changes.

    Or Blacks will be executed for being with white women. Or your god supposedly told JS he would (Correct) the Bible and will not die until that happens. Thats how we got the J.S.T

    Yet according to the J.S.T. it is not finished. Or how come your modern living prophets have not heard from their god and set the world straight on these and more issues? It’s because your god is a false god and your prophets make it up as they go, and you love it and drink it up.

  7. falcon says:

    I think you may have swerved into something when you wrote:
    You remind me of someone that posted here before.”

    I was wondering if we were dealing with a “type” of Mormon or just a “Mormon ghost of Mormon Coffee past” come back to haunt us.

    It always comes back to the nature of God and “Who is Jesus?” when we have these discussions with Mormons. As long as Mormons get their information from the LDS church in Salt Lake City, they will never come to know Jesus.
    Former Mormons tell us that Jesus isn’t emphasized all that much in the Mormon church. Think of it. If someone sees Jesus as an exemplary older spirit brother, just one more “god”; Jesus just has more rank in the Mormon pantheon of gods.
    As Christians we talk about having a “personal relationship” with Jesus. We worship and adore Him. He is the Lamb of God, Living Water and the Bread of Life. He is our total spiritual sustenance. We pray to Him. He’s God.
    Our faith in Jesus is what we are depending on for our salvation. The life we live as a result of our faith is in gratitude for what He has done for us.

  8. parkman says:

    You have just said that God does not change; that is, He does not change except for the changes your teachers explain away, because these changes are acceptable to them.

  9. parkman says:

    @ falcon
    I do not attack Jesus, nor do I belittle Him. I just show you what your teachings teach when you apply those teachings to the rest of your version of God’s word.

  10. johnsepistle says:

    Quick note of clarification. For the most part, at least, when Christians speak of God as unchangeable, what we mean is that the divine essence is not able to undergo change. Thus, God – in terms of the divine essence – cannot change. This means that God can neither begin to be nor cease to be omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, perfectly good, necessarily self-existent, and so forth. However, what we have in the case of Jesus is not a case of changes that pertain to the divine essence, but changes that pertain to the human nature that he adopted. One could say that Jesus is unchanging in terms of that which makes him divine (he never began to be God or to exhibit the exclusively divine attributes; nor will he cease to be God or to exhibit those attributes), but properly changeable in terms of that which makes him human. Of course, the exact nature of divine immutability is cashed out by different Christians in different terms, but all would agree that to speak of someone beginning to be God is off the table (as would be, in related terms, beginning to be omnipotent, beginning to be omniscient, etc.). The point, though, is that Jesus as God is indeed ‘unchangeable from all eternity to all eternity’, but this is totally compatible with the doctrine of the Incarnation. This is a fundamental theological question that has long been addressed by Christian philosophers and theologians.

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