Nervous FaceAn article intended for another time accidentally posted on Mormon Coffee this morning. I decided to take it off line in order to allow the conversation to focus on the article about Church History that also posted this morning. I’ll repost “Mormonism and the heresy of the Anthropomorphites” along with its two comments later this week (or perhaps next week). Sorry for the confusion. -Sharon

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Sharon surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus Christ in 1979. Deeply passionate about Truth, Sharon loves serving as a full-time volunteer research associate with Mormonism Research Ministry. Sharon and her husband live in Minnesota.
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  1. Kate says:

    LOL! Oh yes, everyone who doesn’t agree with Mormonism or the LDS church is angry. We all have different personalities and writing styles. Forgive me if I don’t hold your hand or coddle you while I walk you through the heresy of the Mormon religion. I think you may have read my post to jaxi on the other thread where I said I WAS angry while I was researching. I should have known the doctrines and history of my own church, which I followed faithfully for 38 years. After all, if you want to know about Mormonism just ask a Mormon right? I no longer get angry, but neither do I sit by idly while I know lies and heresy are being posted right in front of me. Darn me for standing up for the true Christian God and His true Gospel.

    You haven’t addressed anything from my last post to you and the scripture you quoted has nothing to do with the Apostle Paul stating that God is the Father of us all. It did not make me angry, I called you out on it is all, and you couldn’t answer it. There is no scripture from Paul that says what you claimed, that I’m aware of. This is what happens when you trust FAIR. They don’t know what they are talking about.

    “I just couldn’t stand all the saints stuff and some of the superstitious traditions. And i got the run around when i asked questions I felt like. Again, sorry if I am offending any Catholics.”

    I was going to give a response to this yesterday but forgot. All I have to say here is if saints stuff and superstitious traditions bother you then Mormonism may not be the direction you want to take. Research all that goes on in the LDS temple and then research what has been changed. I think secret handshakes, funky clothing, chanting prayer circles, naked touching, and acting out death penalties may just put you over the edge 🙂

  2. grindael says:

    Lilypad, (in case you do return)

    I have to chime in here and say that you are mistaken about MormonThink and the Nephi problem. The FAIR article has the same information, just laid out differently, with the emphasis for the insertion of Nephi blamed on Jo’s “clerks”. But that doesn’t get to the heart of the problem. Yes, Jo called the “angel” Maroni first, (1832 handwritten letterbook history) and that was the name that was used up until 1838 (he even used it in the Elder’s Journal). But then in 1842 he takes over the Editorship of the Times and Seasons and posts this notice:

    This paper commences my editorial career, I alone stand for it, and shall do for all papers having my signature henceforward. I am not responsible for the publication, or arrangement of the former paper; the matter did not come under my supervision. JOSEPH SMITH. (Times & Seasons, March 1, 1842)

    In the very next issue, Jo has them print an explanation about a mistake (the printing of a slightly “scandalous” marriage notice) from a previous issue:

    Lest wrong impressions should obtain abroad, detrimental to the interest and influence of President Joseph Smith, respecting a marriage notice, which appeared in the Times and Seasons, of the 15th of February ult. I deem it a privilege to make a short statement of facts concerning the matter, which, I am confident, will entirely exonerate that gentleman from all blame or censure, which may have been put upon him on account of the publication of said notice. (“To the Public”, Times & Seasons, March 15, 1842, page 729, there is more to the notice I only quoted the first couple sentences.)

    Jo was aware of what was printed in the Times and Seasons. He did corrections. The question then should be, why did Jo have the name Nephi printed in his history? Why did he not correct it? Did he intend to change it? Why was it included in his dictation of the manuscript history of the church. See the actual picture of this here, at the Joseph Smith Papers website. You can see that “Nephi” is written very large, with a flourish. (located a little more than halfway down the page near the center) This was not changed at the time, because this was used to print the Times and Seasons History. “Moroni” was written above, very small.

    I think that you should just do a little more digging on this. Perhaps I have provided some more insight. Good luck with your investigations.

  3. Mike R says:

    Old man ,
    Thanks for visiting here . I wish you well in your endeavors .

    remember these points : 1 . just because someone sits in a Mormon Ward on Sunday morning
    does’nt mean they’re not going to heaven . 2. I’m glad you understand that your feelings can be
    easily manipulated by various sources . 3. You said that the Mormon church teaches people to
    love others , serve them , and follow Christ’s example . I agree . ( But remember I mentioned that
    even Mormon leaders have taught that this is not enough to attain eternal life .) You need to
    know that my church teaches these same things but it according to Mormon leaders is part of
    what constitutes the Church of the Devil in these last days ! 4. You have a friend that left the
    church because he felt that he was lied to , but you said he found that being among other
    ex-members that the lies were even worse so he’s going to re join ? That comment was very
    strange . 5. Can you learn of Christ by reading the Book of Mormon ? Yes . There’s a ton of
    scriptures in it from the gospels in the New Testament . Do you think that a counterfeit might
    read and sound like the authentic ? Are you sure ? There are even Christian novels that contain
    truths of the Christian faith and about the benefits of following Jesus’ example in one’s life and
    they contain stories of men and women whose lives have greatly changed for the better .
    They can make you feel good when reading them , but they are not scripture . The Bible has
    been called ” the bed rock of Christianity ” , may you see the safety in anchoring your beliefs
    about God, Jesus , and salvation on it and not be detoured by prophets in these latter days —
    Matt 24:11 — who want to supplement what it reveals about these truths with their teachings
    thereby creating “another ” gospel , and ” another ” Jesus —Gal 1:8 ; 2 Cor 11:4 .
    Lastly, perhaps you did’nt understand what this blog is . It’s a public venue where anyone can
    comment on Mormonism . As such there can be someone here who may not have any good thing
    to say about Mormons , but those who run this site request that everyone conduct themselves
    in accord with 1 Peter 3:15 , so don’t confuse those that run this ministry with others who may
    comment here . You need to talk with Bill, Eric, Aaron , Sharon , and Grindael personally
    before you castigate MRM as a ministry which is in existence for the purpose of ” bashing ”
    other people ( LDS) .
    If you really are just a investigator looking into the claims of Mormonism in order to see if it
    is true then I hope you will be extremely cautious . Look beyond the people and test the
    doctrines with the Bible —- 1 Jn 4:1 . Remember this is the latter days , so beware —Matt 7:15
    Take care .

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