Outreach at the Ogden Temple

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3 Responses to Outreach at the Ogden Temple

  1. homeschoolmom says:

    Why is the washing and anointing room considered more sacred/secret than the other rooms?

  2. Eric Johnson says:

    The washing and annointing rooms are not necessarily more sacred but it apparently this is a result of embarrasment. In the days of old, the workers used to touch the different parts of the bodies of the patrons, though now it’s apparently more symbolic. We have been attending multiple temple open house events since 1993 and never once was the Washing and Annointing rooms shown to the public, even though we were told in 1993 before the San Diego temple open house by the temple president himself that we would see “everything but the air conditioning ducts.”

  3. spartacus says:

    I love the passing out of The Miracle of Forgiveness idea! Do you physically highlight any of the pages/passages in any way, or do you just ask them to read the whole book and use it as a conversation catalyst?

    Thanks for posting this talk so we could comment!

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