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Latter-day Saints, please do not “shut down” or mentally disassociate from the teachings of your leaders

Latter-day Saint neighbors, please be brave and “study it out in your mind” (D&C 9:8)! Do not mentally disassociate or “shut down.” A lot more is at stake than you realize. At least consider that Joseph Smith said that his … Continue reading

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Mormonism’s “Formative Period”

Robert Millet, professor of education at Brigham Young University, has contributed an article to the Washington Post addressing the question, “Are Mormons Christian?” As part of his apologetic published on June 4 (2012) Dr. Millet wrote, “So far as I … Continue reading

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Does Mormonism still teach God the Father was once a man?

Joe Carter at The Gospel Coalition blog recently wrote a good article providing relevant FAQs in answer to the question, “Are Mormons Christian?” The first topic Mr. Carter addressed was, “What do Mormons believe about God?” His answer began this … Continue reading

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