Regarding Holland’s remark about hate-filled DVDs

On the BYU NewsNet blog it stated that Mormon Apostle Jeffrey Holland was the keynote speaker at “The Utah Valley celebration of the National Day of Prayer.” The article reported:

The keynote speaker of the evening, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, encouraged prayer as the means for peace and unity in our society.”Today our nation doesn’t fight a civil war, with brother fighting against brother,” he said. “But we are plagued with brother fighting brother with handguns in university classrooms, drunk drivers in vehicles on the streets and highways, and hate-filled talk on the radio or in DVDs.”

What do you think Holland is talking about when he speaks of hate-filled DVDs? He isn’t clear. Was he referring to the Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith DVD that was distributed in Utah and other major cities throughout the US last March? If so, isn’t it reasonable to ask Holland and the LDS First Presidency to explain what the DVD said that could be considered hate speech? If he was not referring to the Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith DVD, then shouldn’t the LDS Church retract its slanderous charge of hatred sitting prominently on its official web site?

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  1. Keith Walker says:

    John, what exactly is misrepresented in my statement, “From an Evangelical perspective, if your faith has never been challenged by Standing Together or Morehead, it ain’t working and just isn’t healthy?”

    Do you not agree that one must be challenged to re-think (repent of)their position, before they will change their mind? There must be a reason to change your mind, otherwise, why bother?

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