Celebrate “I Hate Aaron Week” With a Free Dinner

This has been an interesting week on the Bloggernacle.

I want to reiterate my standing open offer to take any Mormon (especially those who hate my guts) out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner (no, that’s not a metaphor). I live in the SLC area, and you can reach me at 801-542-9099 or [email protected]. No, this is not grandstanding, it’s something I actively do. So give me a call and lets see about some Chili’s, OK?

Grace and peace in Christ,


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14 Responses to Celebrate “I Hate Aaron Week” With a Free Dinner

  1. Rick B says:

    I would almost want to claim I am a mormon just to get a free dinner, if I lived or was passing through SLC. LOL, Rick b

  2. st.crispin says:


    I will gladly take you up on your offer. I live in Holladay. Do you like Thai?

  3. Ralph says:

    If it meant a free flight to and from USA as well as the dinner, I’d pretend to hate your guts. I would really like to meet some of you on here.

    Really, although I disagree with your stance Aaron, and what you do against the true church, I do admire you for standing up for your beliefs as that is more than most people, including many LDS.

  4. Rick, if you’re ever passing through SLC, let’s do lunch!

    st. crispin, sounds good, I’ll send you an e-mail.

    Ralph, thanks. Maybe you’ll be in SLC someday for General Conference?

    Grace and peace,


  5. FIGJAM says:

    Dang it. Just left the Mormon “church”. However, if I’m ever in town, how about a luncheon with me @ Squatter’s Pub!

  6. FIGJAM,

    Is your name the acronym I think it might be (LOL)?

  7. Dang it from me too.

    I don’t have a “I hate Aaron” week on my calendar.

    Neither do I have a “I hate Mormons” week (and I’m determined to keep it that way).

    Lunch at any pub sounds appealing to me.

  8. FIGJAM says:

    @ Martin,

    You bet. Actually picked up this acronym @ Surfer’s Paradise. However, I prefer “Freak I’m …” πŸ™‚

  9. FIGJAM,

    Is that Surfer’s Paradise, QLD? Are you in my part of the world?

  10. Daniel says:


    I can’t think of any time that I’ll be in SLC soon, although you’re always welcome by our place if you’re ever back in Ohio πŸ˜‰ Maybe we could get some wings at B-dubs…

    Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this to you or not, but a friend of mine from work ended up buying the house next door to where you used to live…small world!

  11. Man, small world.

    I miss B-dubs. I miss my Ohio friends in Christ…

    Grace and peace,


  12. ctwm says:

    1 0f 2….
    Where in the world are you getting these References?? that these videos speak of??
    and untill provide proof, where they are, and if they are really in the LDS Library, then this is site is Anti.
    Quote form a Lutheran Priest or Truman G. Manson (I can’t quite remember…) off of "Between Heaven and Earth" which it talks about our temples…. in not the exact quote, but the general Idea: "when talking about religions, you compare bests with bests, not best with worst…. etc. and so on…" how and what was this site setup for?? if I may ask?? And what is it’s purpose?? is it for educational, and wanting to learn, what True lds members think and believe??,

  13. ctwm says:

    2 of 2 –continuation
    because I know a lot of members, and along with a lot me members of other religions need to do their own studies of their religions to better understand. (and not take someone else's word for it!!) instead of claiming they are members of a church and then bickering at others when they have no clue what they are talking about!…. I have done it, and will continue to do it, like my Grandfather and his son, and their reputation Jedidia M. Grant and Heber J. Grant.
    Please if you have any questions or comments feel free to reply!! Know this I will not bible bash, bicker, or any sort of non-séance! I will not tolerate it and will call you out, in a polite way, but most of which I will take as a respectful conversation!

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