Come to Manti in 2008

Three videos made by different ministries to encourage Christians to come help evangelize to Mormons at the Manti Pageant in Manti, UT during June 2008.




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7 Responses to Come to Manti in 2008

  1. Joe says:

    What a gargantuan waste of time. It’s like a liberal going to the Republican convention or a conservative to the Democratic convention. You can sit around slapping yourself on the back, but still accomplishing nothing.

    It’s all rather pathetic.

  2. Joe, every year people get saved at Manti. I wish you could come and meet all the ex-Mormon Christians there, especially those that were impacted by the Christian evangelism at Manti. They would tell you a much different story.

  3. Jeff says:

    Yeah, they are probably lying when they say hundreds end up believing in the true Jesus Christ… Heck if they helped even 1 person see the truth, that would be just more pathetic.. (sarcasm)

    I’m not sure what your position is, but I think that is pretty negative to say its a waste of time. You make it sound like spreading the Gospel to people of no faith or a false faith is a pathetic endeavor… Well with that reasoning, Jesus Christ might as well have stayed in Heaven. How pathetic it was for him to come down here and share the Gospel. Thats like a liberal going to the Republican convention or a conservative to to the Democratic convention.

    Even if 1 life were to be saved, it would be worth 1,000 Christians talking to them.

  4. Jesus didn’t think it was pathetic to go after one lost sheep. It was his joy!

  5. rick b says:

    I would love to go, I love to share the real Jesus with the LDS. I took a two week paid vacation from work back in 2004 and took a friend, we drove out to Utah and slept in my car, so we could share Jesus with the LDS. We rented a motel as we need a shower and toured the entire temple square. It was great. Would love to go back and do it again. Rick b

  6. Jeff says:

    I’ve never been. I brought it up to my wife and she said that would be fun to go to check out the pageant (she is LDS). I think it would be interesting to see it. I personally don’t feel confident enough or even have the resources laid out to start Evangelizing to groups of people, but I would love to stand in on some conversations and meet Bill. He seems like a cool guy.

  7. Jeff, many (if not most) conversations are one-to-one. You could follow any number of Christians throughout the night and just listen in!

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