Mormonism Has a Tribal Deity


Ron Huggins’ entire talk, Those ‘Abominable’ Creeds”, is now available for $2.99 on MP3 audio and $3.99 on MP4 video. His suggestion on the use of “homoousios” between Mormons and Christians is particularly interesting. This talk was really helpful to me. Just yesterday I used three different things from it in a long conversation with three Mormon missionaries over lunch.

Joseph Smith claimed that while experiencing his ‘First Vision’ he was told that the creeds of Christendom were an ‘abomination’ in God’s sight. Current Mormon leaders and apologists like to claim that they believe the Bible, but not the Creeds, thus attempting to drive a wedge between the Bible and historic Christianity. Professor Huggins shows how the creeds, far from contradicting the Bible, emerge naturally from it, and as such continue to stand as important witnesses for Biblical Christianity at precisely those points where Mormonism departs from it.

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    Nothing negative to add! WHAHOO! Actually, my question is for your Webmaster? I don’t have the Flash 8 Player! I have the NEWER Flash 9 Player, and am thus excluded from seeing the video content on the site! Any idea when we might see this upgraded?

    Thanks and God bless you for your efforts in bringing the truth to these wonderful people!

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