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They were also on Heart of the Matter.

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  1. falcon says:

    What I thought was interesting was when the young men were asked what Bible verses had meaning to them and the young man on the left said something like; previously, when he was LDS, he hadn’t trusted the Bible because it didn’t align with Mormonism. That just jumped out at me……the aha moment. There is is: “The LDS religion does not align with the Bible.” The other thing was when they were talking about the five points the MM are suppose to emphasize and they were led away from the first four into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ……the Jesus of the Bible with which Mormonism does not align.
    Paul talks in Phillipians about his prior life as a Jew and how he had the pedigree based on the law and works. He then says he counted it all as rubbish now that he knew Jesus and the power of His resurrection.
    It amazes me how the Holy Spirit worked in the lives of these young men to lead them to Christ. A miracle righ before our eyes. Thank you for posting this. It was a real encouragment to me.

  2. Berean says:

    This was very inspirational and encouraging. I kept thinking about the Mormon missionaries that I have talked to over the years. I wonder where they are today? I wonder if that Baptist minister knows what has taken place in the life of this ex-Mormon who now knows the real Jesus of the Bible? I’m sure he has no idea what the impact of just that one-time meeting where he gave a faithful witness has done in obviously so many lives.

    I think that is something that we should all keep in mind as we witness to Mormons. We don’t know what is going on in their lives or what will take place in the future. It is our responsibility to “sow the seeds” of the Gospel and then let the Holy Spirit take it from there. That is His responsibility. We can’t talk anyone out of Mormonism and we can’t talk anyone into Christianity. God has promised us that some of those seeds will take hold and come to life.

    Most Christians that witness to Mormons will doubtfully see the fruits of their labors for the Lord come to fruition in the lives of these Mormons. That’s what makes this field of ministry so tough. We just don’t see a lot of outward, immediate results. With most Mormons, just like the young men in these videos, it was a process over a long period of time for their coming out of it. For some Mormons it’s much longer than the young men in these video clips.

    I pray that Christians will never give up on witnessing to the Mormons. With eternity hanging in the balance there is too much at stake to just watch them go into it without the Savior.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this. I really enjoyed listening to their testimonies. That was so much more real than same testimony that every Mormon has.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    The chain reaction is wonderful. I think it is so much easier to leave the church and have a campanion that just left, or is leaving, with you. It is hard to do it alone because you feel alone. It takes great strength for just one person to leave, especially since the Church has intertwined itself in the lives of its members. Think about how hard it would be for a father to leave the church. His wife would feel depressed because she no longer would have a priesthood holder and cant live with God because of her husband. (Which makes you think Jesus lied – he should have said “The only way to the father is but by me, and if your a woman, you have to have a husband too.”) Maybe thats one of the plain and precious truths taken from the Bible, right?

    I am thinking about how hard it was for my wife to leave. But now, she is a beacon of light unto her family. They at least have to run the question of “Well why did she leave?” through their minds, which may lead them into questioning and true investigation of their faith, rather than relying on the heart-sell.

    One of the most unfortunate issues that LDS who leave the church tend to run into is leaving faith in God all together. The LDS church has scarred them so badly, they turn away from all faith. These men were blessed by having turned to the Bible to learn about the real Jesus, instead of just finding out about all of the LDS church’s dirty secrets.

  5. JessicaJoy says:

    These guys are awesome!!! What an encouragement it is to hear them testifying unashamedly of the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray God blesses their ministry and uses them mightily to shine a bright light on the false teachings of Mormonism so that many will be led to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

    I’ve been praying for God to raise up His servants such as these to be missionaries to Mormons…. I’ve been so encouraged by meeting some of the people who comment on this blog, the blog itself and the rest of MRM, and Living Hope Ministries, and all the other great ministries out there…

    May the one true high and holy God be forever glorified, magnified, worshiped, and adored.

  6. 4givn says:

    J.J. AMEN!

  7. Soy Yo says:

    I finally had a few minutes to sit down and watch these videos. Wow, these guys are impressive. They all show what is necessary for members of the LDS church in order to see the truth. They have to be willing to objectively compare what is found in the New Testament to what they have been taught as a Mormon. I started to read the NT just a few weeks ago and I am finding so many things I was never taught as a Mormon because they directly conflict with the teachings I grew up with. I’ll have to check out their music now to see what it is like.

  8. johanna says:

    I am LDS and you’re making me think more and more. Thanks

  9. jackg says:


    I’ve been where you are, asking questions and beginning to think. I will lift you up in prayer so you know you are not alone in your questions and thinking. Grace and peace. Jackg.

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