Video of Debate from November 7

Mr. Wallace is pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City. Dr. Tanner is an LDS apologist who has contributed to the FARMS Review of Books and The Encyclopedia of Mormonism. He hosts KSL Radios Religion Today.

Location: University of Utah
University of Utah, Orson Spencer Hall Auditorium
Took place Friday, November 7, 2008

Sorry, I know the audio could be better. I’ll work on getting better audio next time.

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  1. Martin_J says:

    Thanks Michael and Lautensack. Thanks L. for the correction.

    I'll add three comments;

    1 Though LDS might not recognise it, James Talmadge's 'Articles of Faith' assaults the Westminster Confession (e.g…Talmadge's criticisms are, IMO, ignorant illogical rhetoric, but his stuff is handed out to train LDS missionaries.

    2 Where modalism and Sabellianism fail is that they can' explain why Jesus and the Father speak to each other as separate persons (e.g Matt 3:7). Most troublesome to this viewpoint it that Jesus doesn't know all that is on the Father's mind (Matt 24:36).

    3 Is it important? Absolutely! If Jesus is truly, fully God and truly, fully human, then he not only shows us what God is truly like, he also shows us what it is to be truly human.

    If you want to know what it means to be true to your God-created humanity, look to Jesus.

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