Going Back to the Normal WordPress Commenting System

Let me heartily recommend using the Google Chrome or Safari web browser for a smoother commenting experience (and surfing experience too). The near-future version of Firefox will handle our commenting system better too. If you’re really adventuresome, you could even use Opera. But I strongly recommend against using the bane that is called Internet Explorer.

Update: Because of the problems it was causing, we are no longer using the IntenseDebate commenting system. The good news is that all your comments were saved and that the new version of WordPress (2.7) natively supports threaded comments. The bad news is that the threaded connections of the past few posts were lost, so those comments will be displayed in a linear fashion.

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16 Responses to Going Back to the Normal WordPress Commenting System

  1. Gundek says:


    I seem to be having a connection problem, even using Chrome.

  2. What kind of connection problem? As in, not being able to connect to Mormon Coffee at all?

  3. Gundek says:

    It was my issue not your sites, sorry.

  4. LDSSTITANIC says:

    Well I have to say I have lost interest in 2 of the blogs I frequented the most. One of them went to beliefnet (holy crap is it slow!!!!!). Then there is the MC. Perhaps it is my browser but I just can't seem to get the comments to show from first to last like they used to…ya know like a real conversation…intensedebate sucks bigtime IMHO…

  5. Ralph says:

    Hi, I'm LDS and I'd like to bare my testimony that I know that Mozzilla internet engine works very well for this site as I have used it at home. I also know that Internet Explorer is very difficult and will not work properly for this site as I only have internet access through this programme at work and it causes too many problems with downloading the comments. I am not sure about the other internet engines as I have not used them nor do I have accesst to them, but as Aaron knows much about this I will believe in his word.

  6. Ralph says:

    Is it just me (or Internet Explorer) or have all the past comments from the other threads been removed? When I go into past threads there are no comments whatsoever and it asks if I want to be the first to make a comment. If the comments have been removed then I don't like this system as I love to go back on previous threads and re-read what I or others have said on other topics.

  7. LDSSTITANIC says:

    Back again…Google Chroming it up…I did sort by date and it seems like everything is in order except for those bloody sub-threads and sub-sub-threads…some geek with way too much time on his/her hands came up with that one!!!!! Maybe I will see if the beliefnet blogs work better on Chrome…off to Starbucks for chai latte…down with coffee…real Christians drink black tea…Blessings!! 🙂

  8. germit says:

    Titanic: now you've really got me worried; what about ONE cup o joe in the AM, then switch to tea…..? Show me some mercy with SOME caffeine in it…..PLEASE.

  9. Something is seriously wrong with IntenseDebate.com right now…

  10. You can click "date" on the top of the comments to re-order them.

  11. Everyone, even with the thread problems, keep the comments on topic.

  12. Ralph says:


    I'll have to find it but in one of the science/medical journals I have read in the past, the writer shows that either apple or orange juice (can't remember which) is better for a wake-up call in the morning than caffeine. IE The juice wakes you up better and keeps you awake more than coffee or tea.

  13. gundeck says:


    I like the new look, and want to thank you for the work that you put into the site,

  14. LDSSTITANIC says:

    Aaron…a big hug from the midwest 🙂 everything looks normal again. However I also have to thank you for turning me on to Google Chrome. Seems like just about every site I frequent works ten times better on this. Bill Gates might be ready for the pasture…LOL

    Germit…if it’s any consolation I have been mispronouncing chai. I thought it would be like “ky” but NOOOO it’s like “chyyy.” Perhaps I need to stick to coffee…I can pronounce that.

    Ralph…the only way I can take orange juice is with a shot of Absolut in it. However, that prolly wouldn’t be approved in your book…LOL

  15. Rick B says:

    Honestly, I am glad you guys are back with this set up. I like it better and find it easier to use. Rick b

  16. GB says:

    For some reason I can’t comment in your latest post (the video). It claims I need to login to post a comment, yet I am already logged in.

    What is up with that?

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