Mormon Coffee Online Tabletalk #4

We’ll try another round of live conversation this Friday at 8pm MST. This time it’s through TokBox, which doesn’t require any download (provided your browser has a recent version of Flash). I’ll post a link to the live feed here Friday before the conversation. You shouldn’t need to register an account with TokBox to tap into the feed. I look forward to your participation!

Update: I’m setting it up early, but won’t start conversing until 8:00pm MST. If you want to participate, please plug in your microphone and/or webcam, or you can just lurk and contribute text messages.

Update 2: We’re done. It was fun!

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4 Responses to Mormon Coffee Online Tabletalk #4

  1. Linda says:

    I have a question about the Bible compared to the BOM. Jesus used parables of nature when he taught, like the seed falling on rocks or a path versus falling on soil. When I started to read the BOM, I read about the dream or vision of holding onto the rod to find the way and people in a building watching and mocking. Is that a distinct difference between the Bible and BOM? Does the Bible only use natural elements in parables? To me it’s just further evidence that the BOM is no gospel at all. I found my whole experience with LDS to be very “human” and “man-made.” Not timeless and eternal and wonderful as the Bible is.

  2. mrgermit says:

    AARON: have you picked a topic yet for talk #4 ?? thot I’d warm up my brain….this takes days…… thanks


  3. Mrgermit, I’d like to respond to some of the more recent comments on the “hellish heavens” blog post. We’ll see where it goes from there.

    Linda, the BofM does use natural elements in parables. I haven’t noticed a difference there that contributes to the authentic/inauthentic distinction. The Bible uses a surprising breadth of literary devices and genres, and I don’t see anything about the BofM’s literary genre or literary devices that would automatically disqualify it from consideration.

    Grace and peace,


  4. RICK B says:

    besides those accounts, read the account in the Bible about the tower of babel and compare that to the BoM account of the tower of babel, they do not line up.

    or read the account of the flood and the ark in the Bible, then read the account in the BoM about the boats with holes and plugs in the BoM, hard to imagine God can be so powerful and all knowing in the Bible but so stupid in the BoM. rick b

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