Live Chat Tonight at 8:30pm MST

Plug in your microphones, it’s time for another live chat. Please join us here at 8:30 MST as I’ll be posting the link to a room. If you’re not comfortable audibly chiming in, then please feel free to participate textually. Perhaps this is your opportunity to obey D&C 71:7-8? Or at least to enjoy some friendly discussion.

Update: Sorry to figjam and dave, didn’t mean to leave so abruptly. Browser tab was closed unintentionally. But it’s late anyway, so I’m heading to bed!

Quote of the night by Dave, a Mormon: “Justification is not a ‘not guilty’ verdict”. He went on to say that justification is an acquittal, but still not a “not guilty” verdict, and that it was a probationary status given so that you would have time to perform works.

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  1. FIGJAM says:

    interesting discussion. your insights are invaluable aaron, especially for one that is fresh out of the morg. we did miss you, in regards to authority, and my dissolution of marriage with my ex-spouse especially. email me, and i’ll give you the intriguing, and juicy, details! [email protected]

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