A Poem on the God Who Perhaps Sinned


“Our Father in heaven, who once was perhaps a horrific sinner…”

Warning: this is an edgy poem meant to engage sleeping consciences over the God Never Sinned issue.

Our God Who Perhaps Sinned

Perhaps our God was a nasty brute
Perhaps our Mom was a prostitute
They are exalted now, don’t mind
If they want worship from mankind

It’s really neither here nor there
If God once had a big affair
If he has a hundred wives to spare
It doesn’t concern our salvation

Holy, holy, God now be
The one to whom we bow our knee
Whether once was not, we will not say
Our doctrine’s like a big buffet

Pick and choose what makes you stay
Whether white, or black, or shades of grey
If slitting throats doesn’t lift your chin
We’ll take it out to keep you in

Stop asking questions about God’s sins
It gets under Peter priesthood’s skin
When sacred cows start looking thin
Lie for the Lord, crank out the spin

Lie for the Lord, crank out the spin

Serve up the milk, and hide the meat
With awkward doctrines, be discreet
Whatever it takes to get them in
To serve the God who once (perhaps) committed sin

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9 Responses to A Poem on the God Who Perhaps Sinned

  1. setfree says:

    Psalm 145:1-21

    If you have not yet bowed your knee to YHWH, let today be the day. He is so merciful to wait, and hopeful that you will look for Him…

  2. Ralph says:

    Sorry but I am not good with words, and I am not here to write wrongs.

    Schizophrenic God

    You were there when there was nothing, not a person to be found,
    You were there when there were no worlds or a universe to be found,
    But you were not alone nor were you in a bind,
    Because you had your 2 best friends with you all there in your mind.

    Out of boredom you created an inferior race,
    All to do your bidding though they’d never see your face,
    You set up all the rules and told them not to sin,
    But said if they had faith they could do their every whim.

    You tell them that their works don’t factor into salvation,
    Even if they did the wrong thing there’d be no defamation,
    Just as long as they believed they had a get out of hell free card,
    But all the other people were left out in the yard.

    For a big publicity stunt you came to earth to die,
    But you told them you were immortal and that you couldn’t lie,
    So to win the people on your side you had to make amends,
    And in your place you told them you sent one of your imaginary friends.

    Through years of revelation you gave them a little book,
    To find their way and path to salvation all they had to do was look,
    But then you got tired of revealing all that crap,
    And decided not to send any more and have a little nap.

    You taught them unity and oneness and how your house is ordered,
    Then turn around and let them make everything disordered,
    You tell them that your third friend will help them find the way,
    But everyone is individual so it becomes a big melee.

    But it doesn’t really bother you that most of your creation goes astray,
    That only a small percentage of your people will ever find the way,
    Because ultimately you can be sure you won’t be lonely in the end,
    Because on that last day when all’s destroyed you’ll still have your 2 imaginary friends.

  3. Michael P says:

    A Poem I wrote about 3 years ago:

    How dare you die for me.
    I did not deserve it.
    None of it.
    Yet you did.

    How dare you.
    You put yourself through
    such pain and torment.
    … For me.

    Why did you do such a thing
    When I am so unworthy?
    I did not deserve a thing.
    Yet you died.

    You took the torture.
    You took the ridicule.
    I put you there.
    I killed you.

    Willingly you went.
    Willingly you suffered.
    And for what?
    For me?

    I cannot believe you.
    You did this on your own,
    You did this to save.
    But why?

    What is so important?
    I am nothing and empty.
    Do you see something different?
    I am blind.

    And you died?
    What will that do?
    Will it help me see?
    Well, will it?

    How dare you,
    You who died for me.
    But you rose.
    You rose from the dead.

    You did all of that.
    You took on all of it.
    For me.
    …For me.

    How dare me
    To dare you.
    When you died,
    When you rose again.

    How dare me wonder,
    When you died to save
    Not yourself,
    But me.


  4. Ralph, I normally respect your level-headedness but your poem really takes the cake for misrepresenting traditional Christianity.

    “Out of boredom you created…” Who said or implied that? Trinitarianism holds that God was never lonely or bored, but always in full and passionate relationship. Not with imaginary persons, but real, interrelating persons.

    “But said if they had faith they could do their every whim.” Nope.

    “All to do your bidding though they’d never see your face” — As if seeing was chiefly about physical sight? Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. With what? With the pure heart. Has your heart “seen” the truth and beauty of Jesus Christ? Jesus said to Philip in John 14:9,

    “Have I been with you so long, and you still do not know me, Philip? Whoever has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?

    “But then you got tired of revealing all that crap”

    Ralph, is that what you really think about the Bible?

    Wow, Ralph, that poem really brought out some things in your heart that make me sad 🙁

  5. I stand in awe with you, Michael. For us? For us? For the ungodly? Me? “Yes”, Jesus says, “even you.”

  6. Ralph says:

    Ah yes Aaron,

    Wasn’t my finest hour was it. I have had about 2 – 3 hours sleep each night for the past week. Long hours at work with little success. My student is getting me frustrated and there are some home issues to boot. I saw your little poem and decided to try and parody it with some of the underlying doctrines from your beliefs. The lack of sleep and frustrated mood does not help with making wise decisions – I deliberated for about 10 minutes on whether to submit it or not. Well you can see which side won out. I felt like asking you to delete it, but no, I wrote it and I will take responsibility for it.

  7. Sorry to hear about the tough times, Ralph. And I can see how MC has lately been inflaming. There’s been a lot of no-hard-punches-pulled kind of posts lately. Sharon is up next and her sweet female graces will restore some normalcy to the blog 🙂 But that said, I hope you take what my poem said to heart. It was indeed meant as a poetically pointed rebuke.

    I’ll take your poem with a grain of salt. Get some sleep, friend. Getting little sleep makes me downright depressed.

  8. st.crispin says:


    You have the sheer gall to complain to Ralph and write: ” your poem really takes the cake for misrepresenting traditional Christianity” after you have posted a poem which suggests that Heavenly Mother “was a prostitute”.

    What outlandish hypocrisy!!!

    Virtually every blog topic on MC misrepresents (often deliberately) the teachings of the LDS Church.

  9. I didn’t suggest that Mormons believe Heavenly Mother was a prostitute, I suggested that Mormons (not all, but many) believe that Heavenly Mother “perhaps” was a prostitute (that is, before she became Heavenly Mother).

    This is related to the distinction that many seem long unable to understand that is basic to the GodNeverSinned.com project. I am not accusing mainstream Mormonism of explicitly teaching that God the Father definitely was a sinner. I am accusing mainstream Mormonism of fostering the belief that God the Father was perhaps a sinner. See the difference?

    In traditional Mormonism the only things that permanently preclude one from being exalted unto godhood are murder and blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. It doesn’t take much to connect the dots. For the many Mormons who believe God the Father perhaps was a sinner, the only things Heavenly Father definitely didn’t commit are murder and blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. Going beyond those limitations (as some do) requires going beyond what LDS leaders have taught. You’d have to find some traditional mainstream Mormon teaching that says a prostitute can’t become exalted unto godhood and Heavenly Mothering.

    Follow me?

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