Evangelical Christians Could Be Wrong

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  1. grindael says:

    Here, Kimball explains what Repentence IS, and IS NOT:

    “There is no royal road to repentance….There is one way only. It is a long road spiked with thorns and briars and pitfalls and problems….There is one crucial test of repentance. This is abandonment of the sin….THE SAVING POWER DOES NOT EXTEND to him who merely wants to change his life (what is Faith then????).…Nor is repentance complete when one merely tries to abandon sin…. To ‘TRY’ is weak. To ‘do the best I can’ is not strong. We must always do better than we can….There must be resoluteness and determination. Discontinuance of the sin must be permanent….Do you wish to carry this terrible burden all your days or would you like to be forgiven for it? To be forgiven one must repent. Repentance means not only to convict yourselves of the horror of the sin, but to confess it, abandon it, and restore to all who have been damaged to the total extent possible; then SPEND THE BALANCE OF YOUR LIVES TRYING (I thought ‘trying’ was not good enough????) to live the commandments of the Lord so he can EVENTUALLY pardon you….Repentance must involve an all-out, total surrender to the program of the Lord….God CANNOT forgive unless the transgressor shows a true repentance which spreads to all areas of life….This passage indicates an attitude which is basic to the sanctification we should all be seeking, and thus the repentance which merits forgiveness. It is that the former transgressor must have reached a ‘point of no return’ to sin wherein there is not merely a renunciation but also a deep abhorrence of the sin — where the sin becomes most distasteful to him and where the desire or urge to sin is cleared out of his life.” (MOF:149, 163-165, 176, 200, 203, 354-355)

    Question 1: Does Baptism in the Mormon Church wipe away all sin? (Yes, I mean if you are sincere and ‘repent’ & have faith, etc. , not something phony). Are you saved by the Grace of Christ when you are Baptized?

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