Quit pestering us, church leaders tell membership in letter

On October 24th, the LDS First Presidency (led by Prophet Thomas S. Monson) wrote several letters that were to be read in Mormon Sunday services around the world. According to examiner.com, the first letter was “likely spurred by Boyd K. Packer’s most recent General Conference talk entitled ‘Cleansing the Inner Vessel.’ Church Headquarters has been receiving an increased amount of correspondence from its members about doctrinal issues. Because of this influx of correspondence, the First Presidency reminded and encouraged LDS church members to utilize their local church authorities – bishops, branch presidents, stake presidents, etc — before resorting to contacting Church Headquarters.”

In other words, the Mormon laity was told to quit bothering their church leadership on issues related to doctrine. We can only wonder why the church is apparently receiving so many inquiries. Could it be that Christians are asking their Mormon friends and family members difficult questions who are unable to provide satisfactory answers? Regardless, the leadership apparently feels the number of questions is overwhelming their resources. I just can’t imagine Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Malachi writing in the Old Testament, “You people are asking too many questions. We’re too busy doing other things, so leave us alone.” Yet this appears to be the attitude of Monson and his two advisers.

Since Monson and his counselors are supposed to have a direct connection with God—they are, after all, leaders of God’s supposedly restored church—it would seem that they have the necessary resources at their disposal to provide answers. Just direct the general authorities speaking at the biannual general conferences to deal with these befuddling issues. But Monson and the other leaders weren’t born yesterday. They know that deferring to local leaders means the hierarchy can distance themselves from any answers brought forth by bishops, stake presidents, and others below the general authority level. Their answers can not be considered official doctrine, so if they come up with unpopular responses or even contradict Mormon teaching, nobody will call their answers “official doctrine.” Letting the lower leaders take the heat keeps the pressure off those in Salt Lake City. Smart move.

I can only imagine the questions being asked that the LDS leadership would rather avoid, including:

  • Is it true that Joseph Smith was married to some 34 different women at the same time, 11 of whom were already married to other men and 11 who were teenagers?
  • How do I answer my Christian friends who have been showing me this DNA video saying there is no scientific connection between Native Americans and the Lamanites talked about in the Book of Mormon?
  • President Monson, there must be archaeological evidence to support the Book of Mormon story, but I’m being told there’s none. Can you please direct me to these artifacts?
  • Is it true that three of the apostles have been spiritually married in the temple to second wives for eternity?
  • If we believe in free agency, then why is our church trying to buy a street in Manti in order to keep Christians from sharing their faith near the pageant grounds?
  • I’ve been shown some very difficult verses in the Bible about salvation, as my Christian friends say it’s possible to know that we are forgiven because it’s not based on my efforts. It seems to contradict the way I’ve been taught. How can I answer?
  • Why does our church emphasize Gethsemane for the atonement rather than the cross?
  • I need direction on the Virgin Birth. We don’t believe there was some type of physical union between Heavenly Father and Mary, do we?

Are you able to see why the church had to write this letter?

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  1. falcon says:

    Jesus said that, "You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free." Jack Nicolsons' character in the movie "A Few Good Men" said, "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!" As devoted and pesty Mormons seek clarification and answers from their leaders, they are attempting to clarify and bring some equilibrium to their mental state. I learned a long time ago that if you want answers you need to actually seek out sources who can provide accurate information.
    The early Mormon leaders were pretty full of themselves. They actually thought that when they spoke they did so as an oracle of God. In reading what they said and wrote, it is obvious that they were a warehouse of misinformation. Their musings on the nature of God were a kind of "make it up as they went along" exercise.
    The new Mormon leaders, far from revealing anything new, basically give their Mormon faithful pep talks. Finding the truth can be a painful experience for Mormons who might be unsuspectingly bushwacked by information regarding what they thought was the one true Church or from information that the seek out intentionally. Mormonism has it set up so that anyone questioning and searching for the truth (regarding Mormonism) are preset to fell guilty. They are told that they are being led astray by Satan. The last thing the Mormon church wants is free thinkers that might upset the established order.
    The Mormon church has an embarrassing history and finding out about it can be unsettling to the faithful Mormon. And while this information does expose the real Mormonism as opposed to the cleaned-up version, the real need for Mormons is to come to an understanding of who God is and what His plan of salvation entails. This is the truth, that once learned, does set people free.

  2. JT, I have said this before and I will say it again in case you missed it.
    Read the Book of Job, then after you read Job, focus on the last couple of chapters. Jobs friends said a lot of stuff but guess what? They were wrong on what they believed about God. How do I know, Because God spoke to them and told them so.

    Then after God told them they were wrong what happened? He Got mad at Job and called Him to account, then God sternly rebuked Jobs friends and held them accountable for teaching things that were not true about God, Then he told Job to intervene or they would die.

    Now if the LDS prophets claim to be the mouth piece for God, and if God really does love us as He claims, and does not want to to perish, why is it really so hard for God to tell the prophets, I see a lot of confusion among your leaders, One says one thing, another says something different, I'm here to set everyone straight. Yet that never happens. So Maybe it's just me, but it tells me The LDS Church is false, since God does care for us, He died for us and it's NOT HIS WILL, that any man should perish.

    Also read Hebrews, It clearly says, God spoke to us in these last days through His son, so since Jesus spoke to us, we dont need to LDS prophets.

    Now before you do as F_melo said, and pull a non-existing controversies out of your hat, I love that by the way. Let me say this. Your going to see pastors and Christian church leaders say, God said this or God said that, Then your going to say, Well they are doing as you claim the LDS prophets are doing, so whats the difference?

    Let me tell you here and now the difference. I have the word of God, The Bible. I can read the word for myself, and see what God said to me, As Hebrews said, Gods Son (Jesus) Spoke to us in these last days. Also the Bible tells us, Wolves will arise with in our churchs to take us out, So if so called Pastors or leaders arise and say, God said this, or God said that, then it is my Job according to Acts 17:11 to search the scriptures to know if this stuff is true. If what they say does not line up with the word of God, Then they are wrong, or they are liars and wolves in sheeps clothing.

    The problem with Mormonism is, Most do not search the scriptures and simply believe everything that was told them. Then some do search the scriptures, but they dont trust the Bible, so they need "Other" Sources, like the BoM, or need to listen to the prophets. But they all contradict each other.

  3. FERv888 says:

    For all you guys who keep writing about the LDS faith believing in more than one God for this earth, you are all wet. We believe that there is one God for this world. What will really be interesting is when the discovery's of other life sustaining worlds are more widespread. Then the question who is the God of that world. As for the question about the Savior. We are all saved by the blood of the Savior. The real question is will you be exalted?

    The Savior says we will all have eternal life, what of that eternal life's reward will be yours.

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