Michael and Lynn Wilder’s Testimony

Link to their book

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One Response to Michael and Lynn Wilder’s Testimony

  1. Mike R says:

    What a great story . It reinforces the truth that in the New Testament is the answer to man’s
    astrangement from God by sin , and that reconciliation only comes by a Savior , the Lord Jesus
    Christ . By coming to Jesus [ Matt 11:28 ] and asking Him for forgiveness he will instantly
    respond with His grace , pardon, and give eternal life . Until we ascend to our heavenly home
    with Jesus we get to experience a daily fellowship with The Father and the Son , through the
    Holy Spirit. [ Jn 14: 6 , 23 ; 1Cor 1:9 ] . No secret temple rituals , no striving to climb up a long
    “gospel ladder” of rules , regulations to earn the fullness of eternal life in God’s home in heaven.
    It’s all about a personal encounter with a Person . Micah discovered that truth buried under the
    huge pile of what Mormonism had heaped on it with all of the alleged ” additional truths ”
    of their so-called restoration . But Micah found that it — the Person of Jesus .
    Lynn and Mike discovered Him as well . The answer to life is in the Bible .
    The authentic gospel that saves ( Rom 1:16 ) is still sufficient to do so today . May more and
    more Mormons take time to see the miracle ready for all those who study the New Testament .

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