Could this be…my Savior?

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Sharon surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus Christ in 1979. Deeply passionate about Truth, Sharon loves serving as a full-time volunteer research associate with Mormonism Research Ministry. Sharon and her husband live in Minnesota.
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  1. falcon says:

    So if I’m a questioning Mormon what I really need to know is “Who is Jesus?”. We can talk about all sorts of topics related to Mormonism generally and the LDS sect specifically. But really the one question that everyone needs to answer, Mormon or not, is the “Who is Jesus?” question.
    Just highjacking the name “Jesus” and applying your own meaning to the person and work of Christ is not going to gain anyone eternal life.
    There is the authentic Savior who comes into the world to provide access to and a pathway to the Father. The LDS Jesus is not the Jesus revealed in the Bible. The LDS Jesus isn’t even the Jesus that Joseph Smith started out with. The LDS Jesus isn’t even the Jesus of other Mormon sects.
    I would ask a Mormon, do you want to follow some guys who advertise themselves as revelers of a different Jesus?
    Only the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus the Christ revealed in God’s Word can save you from your sin. There is no power in the Mormon Jesus because that Jesus doesn’t exist.

  2. Mike R says:

    Falcon , you right , the Jesus of Mormonism is not the Jesus revealed in the Bible . Mormon
    leaders have relegated the Bible’s teaching about Jesus ( and God ) to the ” dead prophets” shelf ,
    there is now ” living propehts ” based in Salt Lake City who claim that they have been appointed
    by God to reveal truths people need to know in order to have a proper understanding of Him and
    Jesus and thereby excercise faith in Him that leads to salvation . Latter days false prophets are
    good at persuading people to accept their new ” gospel preaching ” . Sadly , people have thus
    wondered from the Bible’s teaching about Jesus by following these prophets — 2 Tim 4:3,4 .

    Paul had to contend with men who were trying to mislead the flock by attempting to introduce
    aberrant doctrines about Jesus — 2 Cor 11:4 .
    Mormon leaders are guilty of the same thing . They have mixed in their own man made doctrines
    to what Paul taught , the resulting amalgamation was ” another Jesus ” , an imitation . But Only
    the true Jesus , the authentic Savior , can save —-Jn 8:24 .

    The Mormon people deserve to know what their leaders have taught about Jesus that does
    not appear in the carefully worded proclamations their church advertises to the general
    public .
    They can then make a study of the Bible’s teachings about Jesus and test their prophets –1Jn 4:1
    Spiritual safety in these latter days was on Jesus’ mind hence He warned about false prophets
    coming —MK 13:22-23 . May the Mormon people take His warning seriously .

  3. Mike R says:

    Mormons state ” but we believe in Jesus ” , and so they may see little value in what we are trying
    to get their attention on when it comes to Jesus , namely , that their prophets have introduced a
    good imitation of the real , authentic Jesus Christ . This is no small matter . If Jesus warned
    that false prophets would be plentiful in the latter days , and if some false prophets can appear
    like true prophets , both in what they teach and how they live , then a careful testing of anyone
    these days claiming to be a prophet appointed by Jesus /God to reveal important truths should
    be tested by comparing their teachings with those men in the Bible who taught God’s truth . This
    is a invaluable criteria to use in distinguishing gospel truth from doctrinal error .
    The Mormon people , given the fact that they follow a latter days prophet , are in dire need to
    give attention to the counsel the apostle John gave his flock about prophets vying for their
    allegiance — they were advised to test them 1 Jn 4:1-6 . John pointed his flock to the apostles
    to anchor their beliefs about Jesus / salvation in what they / he taught . Today this counsel
    is even even more crucial to heed .

    If the Mormon people who are concerned about possibly being detoured by latter days
    imitation prophets and their gospels , may they take time to look at what their leaders have
    taught about Jesus , then a decision can be made in who to follow —- either the men in the
    Bible who God sent to teach about Him and His Son , or the latter days prophets/ apostles
    of the Mormon church because there are some very important differences in the teachings
    of these two . Only the true Jesus has the ability to forgive and save sinful man .

    A few examples of what Mormon leaders have taught their flock about Jesus :

    – He is the spirit brother of Satan , both have a exalted human male as their Father, who with
    a female Deity sired both of them and a myriad of others in heaven.

    – This same Heavenly Father also came down from heaven and slept with the virgin Mary in
    in order for Jesus to be born on the earth and become the Savior.

    – His blood can’t cleanse sins like revealing the secret names , handshakes , and certain other
    rituals of the Mormon temple ceremony or marrying a black woman . There were more but
    these were that serious — according to Mormon prophets like Brigham Young . He had
    assured his flock that he would never teach or condone false doctrine in his church .

    – His gospel of salvation : what is called a ” restoration ” of that gospel by Mormon leaders
    is really a substitution instead . The gospel that saves was preached by Paul ( Rom 1:16) , but
    that message was altered 1800 years later by Mormon leaders . They have introduced many
    man made doctrines then wrapped those up and presented it to their flock as the same
    authentic gospel that Paul preached . However , this latter day ” restored ” gospel is simply
    the very thing Paul predicted would happen if some men would not be content with what
    he and the other apostles taught but would attempt to mix in their own creations to it , thus
    altering / diluting it —- Gal 1:8 ; 2 Jn 7-9 .
    The Mormon gospel of salvation is a large list of rules, laws, regulations . The true gospel
    is not — Eph 2:8-9 .

    – a relationship with Jesus ? Christians love talking about Jesus . He’s alive ! The N.T.
    reveals that a personal relationship with Jesus commences when they come to Him —
    Matt 11:28 — pardon and mercy and the gift of eternal life is received and then a new life
    of worshiping Jesus is begun . Prayer is part of that new life in Christ , prayer to Jesus.
    But do Mormons pray to Jesus ? In church publications it says they pray only to Heavenly
    Father . However what does the Bible reveal about this ?
    Mormons who desire to more know about this can take time to look into the Bible and ask
    themselves if the Mormon Jesus is the true one . Also what does the Bible reveal about
    a personal relationship with Jesus ?

    This time of year is a great time for Mormons to consider Jesus’ words in Matt 24:11 and
    take time to test their prophets teachings about Jesus . 2 Cor 11:4 .

  4. falcon says:

    Salvation/eternal life, comes through Jesus who is the Christ. This qualified Savior is revealed in the Bible. Jesus isn’t revealed by a stream of men who claim to be prophets and whose idea of who Jesus is, changed over time.
    In the LDS religion, Jesus is just one god in a pantheon of gods. To the LDS believer, Jesus is to be venerated as a noble elder brother. The LDS believer thinks he will be as much god as Jesus is. Even the Mormon HF is just a product of the LDS system. So what needs to really be venerated is the LDS church. After all, that’s the system, the LDS believe, made their HF a god on another planet where he was a man.
    This is weird stuff and isn’t a plain and precious truth that only the truly spiritually mature can understand and accept. It’s convoluted and bizarre and because of that the LDS accept and relish it.

  5. falcon says:

    LDS have what they think is a major playing card and that is the concept of “authority”. These folks think they are operating under some mandate of authority but in reality their prophets have never had and do not have any authority.
    In order to have authority then that (authority) has to come from an authoritative source. What the Christian faith has always had and has never lost, is authority directly given by the Lord Jesus Christ. All authority in heaven and on earth were given to Jesus by the Father. Jesus then gave this authority to the Church and the promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit, confirmed that authority.
    The Church celebrates its birthday on the day of Pentecost. Every born again believer in Jesus Christ is indwelt by the Holy Spirit and is therefore a temple (of the Holy Spirit).
    Depending on someone who said that they had visions and appearances by spirit beings is not a wise path to follow. Folks like this have come and gone since the birthday of the Church. The Bible is quite clear when it says that if anyone comes preaching a gospel other than the one revealed, they are to be shunned.
    Mormonism, in all of its various forms, provides a false gospel. Trying to take any pathway to the Father other than that clearer delineated in the Bible, will not end well.

  6. falcon says:

    Well Happy Easter!
    I couldn’t help but think this morning, “When exactly do Mormons believe that Jesus visited America and preached to the Indians?”
    Actually I can’t find the account of this happening any where in the NT. It’s simply amazing what a little creativity and the claim to prophetic office can produce. It must have been this account that those dastardly Catholic monks in medieval times left out of the NT when they were copying it.
    Those guys have a lot to answer for!

  7. Mike R says:

    He’s ALIVE !!!!!

    Around our home we call this ” the Big One ” . Jesus rose from the dead , He defeated death .
    Wow ! The historical event of the resurrection of Jesus is my reason for getting up every
    morning —- people need know about Jesus !

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