If Mormon missionaries were straightforward about Mormonism…

Though done in a lighthearted manner, this 4-minute video is a fairly accurate depiction of standard Mormon doctrine. It would be nice if Mormon missionaries explained Mormonism as clearly as the characters in this video do, but I imagine that would not foster strong LDS Church growth.

Mormon Secrets: What the Missionaries Don’t Tell
By Saved XMormon

About Sharon Lindbloom

Sharon surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus Christ in 1979. Deeply passionate about Truth, Sharon loves serving as a full-time volunteer research associate with Mormonism Research Ministry. Sharon and her husband live in Minnesota.
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25 Responses to If Mormon missionaries were straightforward about Mormonism…

  1. falcon says:

    This is very………very good!
    Now here’s the deal. Mormons will say that what they believe is being mis-represented in this video. Then, when asked what it is that is being mis-represented, they go silent. Here’s the problem with the LDS folks’ claim. They get confused with the difference between knowing the information and believing it.
    If you say it, but don’t believe it, then it’s a mis-representation. They’ll even say something to the effect that there’s “so much more” to the restored gospel. When asked what, exactly? They’ll then haul out the priesthood authority of the first century church which was lost and now restored. This is a bogus claim because there was no priesthood in the first century church. They’ll also talk about “forever families”. When up against it they may fall back on all of the wonderful programs offered by the LDS church.
    I’ve often been accused by Mormons who visit this blog about not knowing anything about Mormonism. Again, when asked what exactly I have said that’s inaccurate, they leave. The problem is that many, maybe most, Mormons don’t know anything about their own religion. I was watching a video by former LDS bishop Earl Erskine and he said he knows more about Mormonism now than when he was a Mormon. Actually, I think most Mormons who have left the LDS church make the same claim. It’s when they find out the truth about the “one true church” and its history, that they leave.
    It would save folks a lot of time, trouble and not to mention all of the money they pump into the coffers of the LDS church, if they’d watch this cartoon/video prior to making a commitment to the LDS corporation.

  2. dreamer says:

    That cartoon is so awesome:)))

  3. falcon says:

    The excuse the LDS use in not revealing too much about the religion is that there needs to be “milk before meat”. Isn’t that an awesome way to justify deceit?

  4. dreamer says:

    I’m confused about “holy underwear”, though..

  5. FYI, I’m planning a post for Monday about temple garments…

  6. Rick B says:

    O-man, where to start with this one. This video is awesome, maybe I should invite MM’s over to watch this video.

  7. Rick B says:

    It was funny, in the video they give a list of things they must do and cannot do. One of those things was, we cannot LIE. That’s all they do, I guess there in trouble then.

  8. cattyjane says:

    I think it would be funny if someone would tell one of these guys “since you guys can do all of the work for me after i die, heres my name and ill collect in the afterworld. thanks ill love my best life now and drink my coffee”. Such a load of nonsense. They dont know the first thing about the levitical priesthood or what goes on in a temple. Makes me sick. Multiple gods, god is a man, complete pagan idolotry. A stitched symbol in underwear is sopposed to bring protection, are you kidding me? Guess Gd didnt care enough about Moses and the israelites to tell them about that little bit because thats not in the Torah. The Torah says Gd is our protection, our salvation and our deliverer. Not magic stitchings in underwear.

  9. cattyjane says:

    I understand how someone who knows absolutely nothing about scripture could be led astray by these nice guts. Hello first to raise my hand. The sad part is that many people who think they know a lot about scripture really know nothing. I look back two years ago and realize how little i actually understood about the bible. I feel like i know truck loads more now but i still feel like i know only 2% of what there is to know. Once a person starts to learn the ins and outs of the true temple and priesthood it becomes very clear how joseph smiths pagan gospel puke doesnt work. Its a complete joke!

  10. falcon says:

    Having never been a true believing Mormon, I find it difficult to understand how someone can get hooked into the program. But I think cattyjane has a point regarding these very engaging, wholesome young men and women. They are squeaky clean, devout and incredible sincere. I know there are some out there pounding the pavement that really aren’t into the work but most probably are. So they are attractive. This draws people in.
    If someone isn’t grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ, they could be easily seduced by these MM. Let’s be serious, who would join the LDS church if they knew the things that are presented in the video. It’s critical that the information be withheld.
    I think the sledding is a more difficult for Mormons today since what they believe is readily available on many easy to access internet sites. Then there’s the Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon”………………………..

  11. cattyjane says:

    I think this video about says it all. They are all about that book but not about true scripture. Its a religion that is all made up. http://youtu.be/xx2bU0zM1aA

  12. MistakenTestimony says:

    unofficial folklore

  13. cattyjane says:

    That video had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair! That was hilarious! Yes they “just believe”. Such nonsense. We are given the scriptures so that we dont have to “just believe”. If its not in the scriptures its not true. Book of Mormon doesn’t count as Scripture.

  14. falcon says:

    The song “I believe” from the Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon” is really pretty clever. If you listen to the first two points they are, “I believe the Lord God created the universe.” Absolutely! I can agree with that. Mormons must be Christians. That sounds just like what I believe. The next line? “That He sent His Son to die for my sins.” Right on brother! I’m with you all the way on that. We must believe the same thing and you must be a Christian.
    But then the MM signing the song goes off into the wacky world of Mormon beliefs that if someone knew it up front they’d dismiss the MM in a second. What are some of these? Well, that ancient Jews built boats and sailed to America. That God has a plan which includes the MM having his own planet. That the Garden of Eden is in Jackson County Missouri. That in 1978 God changed his mind about black people.
    I think the reader gets the drift. Again, who would go near this religion if they knew the truth of the belief system? Sadly, as I have mentioned, dedicated LDS members have zero knowledge about the real Joseph Smith and the history of the “one true church”. Yes indeed, once they find out all of the wacky stuff it is said to be opinion of the prophets or folk doctrine.
    OK faithful LDS member, strip all of that away and what do you have? You still have a god that is not the God revealed in the Bible nor is the Mormon Jesus the Jesus found in the NT. You have a made-up priesthood that didn’t exist in the first century Church. You have temples and temple worship, the latter of which was lifted right from Free Masonry.
    Sorry Mormon friends. You’ve been hustled!

  15. falcon says:

    Why is it that Mormons are so reluctant to be up front about what they believe. Well it’s because they know it all sounds ridiculous to anyone who isn’t a true believing Mormon. The FLDS aren’t embarrassed by what they believe. They embrace it! They think the LDS is an apostate church. By Mormon standards, they probably are. The LDS are just one of many sects of Mormonism all claiming to have the real deal restored gospel. And now even the Community of Christ has off-shoots. That’s Mormonism.
    “Unlike the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and Community of Christ, the Temple Lot church rejects the office of prophet or president, being led by its Quorum of Twelve Apostles instead. It equally rejects the doctrines of baptism for the dead and celestial marriage promulgated by the Utah-based LDS Church, as well as the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price.”
    “Although the Temple Lot church accepts the veracity of Joseph Smith as a prophet of God, it does not necessarily accept everything that Smith taught or claimed to be revelation. One distinct difference between it and other Latter Day Saint churches lies in its rejection of the office of President of the Church. Instead of a president–prophet, the Church of Christ is led by its Quorum of Twelve Apostles, with all members of that body being considered equal in precedence and authority. Members of the Temple Lot church believe that Smith was wrong to assume the office of church president, an office they deem to not have been provided for in either the Bible or the Book of Mormon, their two scriptural standards. Although Granville Hedrick was ordained to be president of his church in 1863, he later repudiated this ordination, even referring to Smith as a “fallen prophet”.[13]

    A TBM will never grasp the implication of what is written above. They would simply say that all of the other groups are apostate. But what’s interesting is the legacy of Joseph Smith which basically encourages “prophets” that are getting the real deal message and have the “truth”.

  16. MJP says:

    Also enjoyed the video. Good stuff.

    I couldn’t help but think is that how they get around it how they seem to actually do it: speak of the nice, fluffy stuff:

    Yes, we believe in Jesus.
    Yes, we honor the family.
    Yes, we believe God is good.
    Yes, we believe in the Bible.
    Yes, we have to be faithful.
    Yes, etc.

    Until… its time to get into specifics…

    They keep it broad and happy. They don’t let people know the specifics because that is where it gets wacky. Kolob, Jesus/Satan as brothers, underwear, etc, etc etc.

  17. falcon says:

    This is a real feature of LDS sect Mormonism. That is, keep the doctrine and history on the down-low. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? On the one hand we have these folks who go all misty eyed and weak kneed at the mention of Joseph Smith or Thomas Monson, on-the-other, it’s a big shshshshshshshshsh.
    There’s also a super big devotion to heavenly father and heavenly mother the latter is so revered that they don’t like to talk about her. So talking about heavenly father in reverential tones is understandable because he’s their god but they really don’t want to talk about the millions and billions of heavenly fathers, how they got to be a heavenly father and spirit procreation by the duo.
    Mormons cover it all up very well. They are clean, neat, orderly, devout and sincere. They display great loyalty to their church. They aren’t trouble makers.
    It’s actually a great cover. Who wouldn’t agree that it’s a great way to live with its own rewards? I would. But there’s the problem. It masks what the religion is all about. When God is mocked by a people who believe that they themselves are going to gods……..well you can see why the cover-up is necessary.

  18. RikkiJ says:

    I wonder if we are doing the LDS folk a disservice. A blind man can’t be expected to discern colors can he? I wonder if we expect LDS folk and missionaries alike to know the difference between truth and the lies they have so heartily believed. Isn’t our task to convince them of the truth? I feel that we should not ridicule them, but contend for the faith.

  19. falcon says:

    Well……………………….it would be helpful if you’d give an example of “ridicule”. I will admit that rick and I generally don’t take any prisoners when it comes to pointing out what exactly it is that Mormonism is all about.
    Actually it’s been a long time since someone has called into question the approach that is taken by some of us here. Usually it’s the Mormons who do this. But occasionally a Christian will, much to the delight of the Mormons.
    This will be my only post on this matter because it takes me off my game and the topic at hand.

  20. Rick B says:

    while a blind man cannot tell what colors are what, a mormon can discern truth but chooses not to. Me and falcon have been accused by mormons more than any other poster for getting are facts about mormonism wrong by mormons. Yet when we ask, what did we say that was wrong, we never get a responce.

    The bible teaches to search the scriptures to know if these things are true. It’s not my fault if mormons choose not to do that.

  21. falcon says:

    Being exposed to the truth about their founding prophet and the history of the LDS religion often causes Mormons to react by saying they are being persecuted. It’s the truth in a comment that often causes the sting regardless of how it is presented. I’ve heard it said that you can say almost anything to a person as long as you smile :).
    Mormons find their way out of Mormonism, I’ve observed, not because someone led them to Christ but because a comment or witness caused them to begin to question their religion. Often times they check it out in order to prove it wrong. The results generally lead them on a journey of discovery that they had no intention to take. The search takes about eighteen months with husband and wives often searching separately not knowing the other is also researching the “one true church”. My observation is that it takes about five years for the leaving Mormon to get most of the Mormonism out of their head.

  22. falcon says:

    So how do you get the truth about Mormonism to Mormons?
    I think that currently there is enough information easily accessible on the internet that if any Mormon is the least bit suspicious they can find what they are looking for. I’ve watched enough videos of former Mormons to know that they had been warned-off @nti Mormon websites so they got their information from Mormon sources; LDS church sites.
    So those Mormon apologists who say that the LDS church isn’t hiding anything are, in a way, correct. But the facts are that they also put out mis-information or at the very least misleading information to the faithful and prospects.
    For example, what picture does the LDS church promote as Joseph Smith “translating” his golden plates? It bears no resemblance to what Smith was really up to. There’s no picture of him with his face shoved into his hat trying to read his magic seer stone.
    While the church will say one thing about Smith’s polygamy, there is a huge amount of information from LDS church sources that reveal the truth. Former Mormons will say that they left the LDS church after coming across information that is available from the church sources. So what’s the deal here? I guess it’s a case of hidden in plain site.

    Here’s a good one from Lee Baker former Mormon bishop.

  23. Rick B says:

    Hey Falcon,
    Talking about sharing with LDS things from there own sources.
    My wife has some friends she has known for about 30 years, a married couple. Well the lady friend was taking a karate class and meet another women taking the class, this women claimed to be LDS member and they started talking.

    My wifes friend needed help so she asked me, I wrote her and said, ask the mormon this for me?

    Ask your friend,
    Is/was Joseph smith a true prophet of God or a false prophet.

    She will say he was a true prophet.

    So then say, lets say he was either a false prophet or got things wrong to the point he could be viewed a false prophet, then would that mean all the prophets leading up to monson mean they believed and taught lies?

    Tell me the reply.

    Then ask, do you still believe in the teachings of Joseph smith and still read his teachings, or is he no longer of any meaning since you now have Thomas monson as a prophet.

    Let me know the reply to that also. Thanks.

    I asked those things because the Mormons was mainly focusing on Thomas Monson as a true prophet of God.

    Well my friend sent me the reply from the Mormon, it was rather long and my friend asked me my thoughts on it. I broke most of it down into good detailed response with much quotes from Mormon sources. She passed it along. Then I received a reply. Basicly the reply was, I am clueless, and this mormon could pass along my letter to some family if she wanted to and have them reply to me and tear me to shreds.

    I pointed out to my friend, this Mormon pretty much ignored everything I said in my reply, no response of any sort to the evidence I posted. She sent that reply back and as of yet, going on close to three weeks now, no reply. Typical of Mormons.

    So if anyone is interested, my next radio show on Saturday 11/8/2014 I will be reading the letter from this mormon and my response and talking about them.

  24. falcon says:

    In a short nine minute video, former Mormon Mitz Nelson makes this statement:

    “The truth will always stand!”

    A very good video for a Mormon who may have some questions. It’s all related to truth.

  25. falcon says:

    Mormons believe in their particular form of reality and for them believing something makes it true. This is the case even though, if they’d take the time and trouble to examine LDS church documents, they’d find that what they thought was true isn’t (true).
    There’s a serious disconnect with the faithful LDS member who sees the “church” as totally true and the prophets as hearing from “god” and what their own documents tell us about them. I ask myself, “How can this be?”. That is, how can a member have a form of belief, “truth” and reality that’s 180 degrees out of phase with actual historical documentation?
    The problem is that if you pull the wrong stick out of the pile, the whole pile collapses. The idea of truth in Mormon lore has a direct connection to emotion. As long as something makes the Mormon feel good, it has to be true. Evidence isn’t even a consideration.

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