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Correlation Matters

Bill McKeever and I discuss the recent LDS Church News article on using “proper” sources and other related issues on LDS Church “correlation”. Link to MP3

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Tabletalk #3: On Mormonism’s Hellish Heavens and Heavenly Hells

Direct link to MP3 My Skype recording application, Pamela, kept acting weird so this talk is three smaller files stitched together. Some questions I have for Mormons: If Joseph Smith and Mormonism already believe that the only explicit post-resurrection hell, … Continue reading

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Mormon Coffee Online Tabletalk #2: Conversation with Ralph

If everything works out, Ralph and I are scheduled to chat on at 8pm MST. You can participate here or just watch the embedded video when it starts. Update: It went well. Unfortunately, Ralph was unable to join in … Continue reading

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After All BYU Professors Can Do to Implicitly Reject LDS Institutional Readings of 2 Nephi 25:23

Bill McKeever, Eric Johnson, and I discuss 2 Nephi 25:23 in relation to institutional Mormonism and BYU neo-orthodoxy. This conversation is from around June 21, 2007. I procrastinated in uploading the talk and hence have not done all I can … Continue reading

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Introduction to Mormonism Research Ministry

The audio podcast is finally back up and running (RSS and iTunes), and we are slowly releasing a few MP3s. Here we introduce the ministry. Direct link to MP3

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Conversation with Stephen at Temple Square

We discuss General Conference, the Lorenzo Snow couplet, whether God was possibly once a sinner, whether God demands praise, whether God gets all the glory, and some other things. (30m 6s) Direct link to MP3 Yes, I’m horrible with names. … Continue reading

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Does God forgive sins you continue to repeat?

A classic audio clip worth repeatedly promoting (3m 21s). Direct link to MP3

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Observations On Reactions to Yesterday’s Post

Bill and I discuss reactions to yesterday’s post (6m 24s). Direct MP3 Link A related item: Some Mormons had their own attempt at humor (link no longer works) describing a “slow-track” that enables those who are not “top-level celestial material” … Continue reading

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