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Mormon proselytizing can be tricky

Deseret News (online) published this cartoon by Arie Van De Graff on Jan 21, 2013. It might come as no surprise that there actually is A Book of Mormons. Written and compiled by Latter-day Saints Richard S. Van Wagoner and … Continue reading

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Why are non-Mormons uncomfortable with Mormonism?

On October 10 (2011) LDS blogger Joanna Brooks posted an interview with Patrick Mason, author of The Mormon Menace: Violence and Anti-Mormonism in the Postbellum South (Oxford University Press, 2011). The topic of the interview: “Why Do Southerners Call Mormonism … Continue reading

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Romney’s and Huntsman’s “pastors” on historic Christianity

Last week Deseret News published an article titled, “Michele Bachmann’s pastor on Mormonism.” The article notes that outspokenly Christian presidential-hopeful Michele Bachmann has not said what she thinks of Mormonism (the religion of two of her political opponents), but the … Continue reading

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