Who does Tom McDevitt remind you of?


The eleven minute mark was particularly interesting to me.


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  1. Jeffrey says:

    Watch 26:40 through 28:40

    Enough said.

  2. jackg says:

    For some strange reason I cannot explain, I just see the LDS taking this and using it to bolster their claims. It’s really disheartening to hear the LDS claim how they teach their children to be better, and how they renew their covenants, etc. I never hear them speak of relationship with Jesus Christ. To them, and this is how I believed relationship with God to be while LDS, relationship is obedience. Hearing this guy talk about God speaking in a new way, talking about “perspectives”, etc., and marriage being “the essential channel to salvation,” sounds just like JS, especially the dispensational emphasis. I’m sorry, LDS, but this is a different gospel, and JS teachings are basically the same. The only channel to salvation is Jesus Christ on the cross and risen again! You can defend JS teachings all you want; you can eisegete the biblical text all you want; you can deny the cross all you want; you can create the idea of becoming gods all you want–and I will bear witness that Jesus is the only Way to the Father. My salvation and subsequent eternity in the presence of God is not dependent on me being married; it’s not dependent on whether or not I “save” my loved ones through temple work; ultimately, it is only dependent on my faith in Jesus Christ as LORD, REDEEMER, and GOD. The day will come when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Messiah; and, Joseph Smith will be nowhere in that scene. How my heart breaks for the bondage in which the LDS are enslaved! How I loathe the works of JS, denying the cross, and making God a man, giving Him a beginning, and suggesting that He was somehow in need of a Redeemer Himself. How absurd! The Spirit of the Living God is indeed wooing the LDS people to the truth of Jesus Christ. He did it in my life, and He’s doing it in the lives of others. Read the book of Colossians, LDS people, especially chapter 2, and see how the LDS Church is keeping you in bondage.

  3. Berean says:

    Dr. Walter Martin…what an inspiration. McDevitt gets the sweats when Martin starts talking.

    Tom McDevitt made some interesting statements in this clip. A few highlights that had very similar ring tones to Mormonism:

    1. “God has spoken in a new way.”
    2. “We are living in an age that is changing.”
    3. “God has spoken to me through prayer…my heart.”
    4. “We have to work together.” (A new movement between Mormonism and Christianity these days is called “Standing Together”. Both groups meet together and attempt to unify on common ground to try to have harmony.)
    5. “You’ll know Rev. Moon is a prophet if you pray about it.” (Sound familiar?)
    6. “Rev. Moon perfected himself.” (This is a big one in Mormonism. Mormons are constantly trying to perfect themselves by their own efforts – not fully trusting in Christ for that perfection [Heb 10:14].)
    7. “Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.” (Mormons say the same thing, but fail to realize that this is a different Jesus (2 Cor 11:4). The Jesus of the Moonies is not the Jesus of Mormonism nor the Jesus of Christianity.)

    Other common statements that were very similar to Mormonism were:

    1. Celestial marriage/eternal family plays a central role in the Moonie gospel.
    2. Moonies call themselves “christians”…so do Mormons, but the beliefs of both groups do not agree with biblical Christianity.
    3. Moonies are trying to restore the Christian church. Mormonism says that it has restored Christianity.
    4. Rev. Moon met Jesus when he was 16 years old. Joseph Smith said he met Jesus when he was 14 in the 1842 account of the First Vision. However, in the 1832 account of the First Vision Joseph Smith said he was 16 years old.

    Summary: The Moonies & the Mormons have a different Jesus, different gospel and different spirit (2 Cor 11:4) and are condemned (Gal 1:6-9). These abstract religions are just recycled parts created by the master of deception – Satan. He isn’t stupid and he’s very creative. Don’t be deceived.

  4. mobaby says:

    Berean’s post pretty much sums it up. Nothing new under the sun – not even new lies and distortions. Sure a little bit different take on it all, but essentially the same. I once had long conversations about the gospel with a Moonie (over several months) – he was so far into the cult that I think he had literally given up. He did not contend strongly for it, just seemed to have basically acquiesced and was not interested in any real pursuit of the truth. He did not seem happy at all, but could not really see any life outside the cult. I think many Mormons find themselves in the same position, not really sold on the LDS faith, but not really able to see their way out of it. Other than God breaking through and saving us, we are all basically in the same boat. Without God drawing our hearts we are all stuck in our sin and complacency – or trapped in destructive belief systems.

    Other than that I have to add – where did you dig this up from? Not that it is bad, but I am continually amazed at the video artifacts that find their way to YouTube!

  5. chriscb says:

    Interesting how at about the 11 minute mark Tom McDevitt sounds like your typical Mormon (“just pray about it”). Do we really need to pray about something that contradicts the Bible? I don’t think so.

  6. Nathan16 says:

    I could have sworn this guy was Mormon. Seriously.
    I also like how both he and Mormons share a sensitivity with names, “Rev. Moon, not Mr. Moon, if you please”(27:59) “I don’t like being called a cultist, a moonie.”(1:18:24) He also refers to his church as a “Church of Jesus Christ”. Seems like he’s clinging to that. No matter how much he’s shown that his Jesus is not Biblical, he maintains that we should accept his church because it’s of “Jesus Christ”. Is the name more important than the Person?
    Reminds me of Mormon insistence that their church be called a “Church of Jesus Christ”. Well, my church believes in Jesus Christ, but we don’t demand that people call it “Church of Jesus Christ of Luther-day Saints” (not even the right name of my church, obviously). “Lutheran Church” is fine by me. What’s in a name? Let’s stop focusing on labels, with Mormons pointing to their Church name (we know it contains the name Jesus Christ). Having a church of Jesus Christ is far more than just bearing His name. It’s far more than even reverencing Him in one’s services and conferences. It is, like it or not, embedded in what we say about Jesus Christ, and how we fins salvation in Him.

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