Sandra Tanner Explains Mormon Temples

I know there are Christian parents out there grieved, confused, and studying hard to reach a lost, wandering child (who is perhaps engaged to marry a Mormon). I hope these videos will especially be helpful. Many thanks and blessings to Sandra Tanner for “enduring to the end” in this interview, and even apologies since I didn’t make it clear to her that we were coming to *record* this interview. When we showed up with cameras, it was a surprise to her. She was gracious.

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  1. falcon says:

    I’ve got an “X” on the speaker icon on the video so I can’t hear Sandra. I tried lip reading and also looked in the corner for a sign language interpreter (which BTW I can understand) but no such luck.

  2. falcon says:

    OK, I figured it out. I went out to YouTube and was getting the same “x” after the speaker icon. So I did a quick search for “How to play guitar like Buddy Holly” and wouldn’t you know it, I got the dastardly “x” there also.
    Anyway I fooled around with the “x” some and found if a “slid” (or is that slud? past tense) it to the right, I un-muted it. But the good news is that in doing this, I got a short ten minute lesson on how to strum properly for Buddy’s big hit “Peggy Sue”. For those who don’t know, I play guitar (mainly for my dogs) and have been studying the unique way Buddy strums for “Peggy Sue”.
    There’s a Bible verse that we’re all familiar with about all things working together for good so I’m attributing my finding this guitar lesson to that.
    I’m hoping Buddy knew the Lord. He was raised in Lubbock, Tx in the 50s when and where everyone went to church. He actually played a concert/dance in a near by (to where I live now) city on that fateful tour. Waylon Jennings was playing bass for him and there’s a really neat picture of them up on stage at this dance pavilion.
    OK so I’m not on task here but I really dig Buddy Holly!

  3. Mike R says:

    God bless Sandra , I never get tired of reading about how she and Jerald came to realize that they
    could’nt trust Mormon leaders . They were’nt just ex- Mormons but ex-Mormons for Jesus . I
    was privileged to meet Sandra in 1986 . Aaron, great thread. I always enjoy what you provide
    in the way of information on Mormonism.

    ( Falcon, my wife enjoys listening to 50’s rock and roll , and I’ve come to like some of it
    myself. )

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