Teaching my six and four-year-old to discern language about God

girl-with-arms-open-wide-to-the-sky“John Caleb and Lydia, do you know how you say sometimes, ‘Daddy is the best’?”

“Yeah. It’s just something we say for fun because we love you.”

“And do you think Daddy is *actually* the best Dad in the world?”


“Well, when some people say that ‘God is the best’, they say it but mean something else. They mean it like when you say, ‘Daddy is the best.'”

“Yeah, but God really *is* the best.”

“That’s right. Nobody is bigger or smarter than him. He is actually the best. And when we say that, we’re not just being fun.”

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6 Responses to Teaching my six and four-year-old to discern language about God

  1. MJP says:

    What, Aaron, you’re not actually the best dad in the world?

    I’ve had similar conversations with my kids, now 6 and 8, about God. They ask about where God is and what he thinks about certain things they do. They’ve asked about how Jesus is God. Each leads to a good discussion about God and his nature, and about how he loves them very, very much.

    And yes, God is the best.

  2. Brewed says:

    I have a two year old and he doesn’t quiet understand much about God yet, but teaching Sunday school to a bunch of preschoolers has shown me, kids get it. They really do understand the nature of God. They come to Him uninhibited, and they get it. We naturally believe in an all powerful God, it’s faulty doctrine that drags that notion out of us.

  3. Mike R says:

    How great and unique is our God , the Creator of all heavens all planets , unique in His claims
    and His power . This is the God we meet in the Bible and get to worship ! He has revealed Himself
    to men and women who experienced Him and His miracles , we are privileged to have their
    testimonies to read and so today we can come to not just know about Him but to personally
    worship Him , be forgiven , and reconciled to Him .
    We can also read how He has pre warned us of men who would come claiming to have a message
    from Him or that He endorses their teachings , yet they speak only from their own heart —-
    Jer. 23:16,21 . Men who would teach that our God is only one of many , an exalted human male
    who was fathered by an older male Deity , who has cosmic Almighty Cousins and Nieces and
    who has Almighty Goddesses by which He’s fathered millions of baby boys and girls in heaven .
    Our Savior Jesus being merely the first .

    Reducing our God’s uniqueness this far is not a new thing because fallen man has already
    attempted that in various ways —Rom 1:23.
    So thankfully , we have His Word to fall back on to reassure us that we indeed worship the One
    and Only True Almighty Creator of all things .
    Blessed are the children who grow up to discover and meet Him .

  4. cattyjane says:

    Words certainly can be tricky. For example, if I say ” God is One “, how many diffeent interpretations of that are there?

  5. Mike R says:

    cattyjane, studying Biblical verses in context and looking at what the Bible says about from
    Gen to Rev. will be vital in knowing what it teaches about how there is only one God .
    It can help also to note that we can weed out all those prophets who are vying for everyone’s
    attention these days who may mention that there is one God but go on to teach that there are
    actually three Gods . The Bible constantly says ” God ” , not ” Gods ” . So we see what Mormon
    leaders have introduced as their ” insight ” about God , the ” real truth” about Him from
    His “only authorized channel ” , we must then compare that with what the Bible teaches about
    God. Mormon leaders have drifted far from the Bible’s teachings about God , and their “one God
    = ” three God’s ” , is just a small example .
    Thankfully, you’ve come to realize this .

  6. cattyjane says:

    Mike R,
    Yes thank God this site and certain people came into my life at the just the right time. I have also been teaching my daughter small things that I think will help to keep her from falling into deception. For example the importance of not adding to scripture. We have been trying to decide on a church to attend. At one of the churches the Sunday school class taught about Cane and Abel so that night we read the story out of Genesis. Her sunday school class taught her that Cane killed Abel by hitting him in the head with a rock but she noticed that it was never said that way in scripture. Its just says Cane attacked Abel and killed him. So I said we dont know how he killed him but we know it made God unhappy. I know it seems like a small detail but if our children are taught that small additions and subtractions to svripture are ok wont it make it easier for them to accept the big ones?

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