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“As God” or “Like God”?

Mormon apologists have tried to tone down Mormonism’s godhood theology by insisting that exalted Mormons merely become “like God,” as if this means there is a distinct difference between what the Mormon God is now, and what Mormons hope to … Continue reading

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What is “Celestial Polygamy”?

The LDS Church is adamant about distancing itself from modern polygamists, but can it really distance itself entirely from the doctrine of plural marriage? Read new article » (link fixed)

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A Look at Fundamentalist Mormonism

FLDS, AUB, TLC? Plural marriage, otherwise known as “the principle,” lives on among thousands of modern-day followers of Joseph Smith. Read new article »

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What is the status of the first half of the Lorenzo Snow couplet in Mormonism?

A new article is available here. Discuss.

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Mormonism on

Over the past week Mike S. Adams, author of Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel: Confessions of a Conservative College Professor has posted a series of online columns about Mormonism at Dr. Adams’ insights are really very interesting, … Continue reading

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